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Steven Spielberg Refused Making Sequel to Cult-Classic $603M Movie after Clashing With Tom Cruise

Steven Spielberg Refused Making Sequel to Cult-Classic $603M Movie after Clashing With Tom Cruise

Despite his numerous box office successes, Tom Cruise’s extensive career as a leading man has been marked by his tendency to steer clear of sequels. While Mission: Impossible has spawned several sequels, only Jack Reacher and Top Gun have followed suit. It is likely due to the fact that many of Cruise’s projects don’t lend themselves to cinematic universes. It’s hard to imagine sequels to films like Rain Man or Eyes Wide Shut being anything other than peculiar attempts to cash in on the original’s success.

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However, a film to which fans always wanted a sequel was Steven Spielberg-directed War of the Worlds. However, there were reports that tensions rose between Tom Cruise and director Steven Spielberg during the film’s production. The friction between the two has been cited as a reason why a sequel was never made, as it is unlikely that the two would be willing to work together again.

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Steven Spielberg Didn’t Like Tom Cruise’s Behavior 

Before Top Gun: Maverick’s release, Tom Cruise‘s biggest domestic box office success was War of the Worlds. With such a massive worldwide collection, anyone would expect a sequel to be in the works. However, the definitive ending of the original film, which saw the aliens defeated by earthly bacteria, made it challenging to envision a sequel. Despite this, other blockbusters with less conclusive endings have received sequels.

The main reason why a sequel to War of the Worlds did not materialize was due to the deteriorating relationship between Tom Cruise and director Steven Spielberg. According to Vanity Fair, Spielberg became frustrated with Cruise’s attention-grabbing behavior during the promotion of the film, which included his now-infamous appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg

Despite working together just three years earlier on Minority Report, the pair never joined forces again after their alien invasion film. As a result, many potential films, including a sequel to the highly successful War of the Worlds, were likely abandoned due to their lack of further joint projects.

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Tom Cruise’s Growing List Of Doomed Sequels

Tom Cruise has a long list of films that never got a sequel. His 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow was also considered for a sequel despite tanking at the domestic box office. While there was a lot of chatter around its sequel, both Cruise and director Doug Liman got occupied with the 2017 film American Made, preventing the sequel from materializing.

Besides, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starrer Knight and Day was also another potential contender to receive a sequel. However, the film never received it despite the potential for more adventures. The reason could be its below-par performance at the box office, grossing just $258.7 million on a budget of $117 million. 

Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko in Oblivion
Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko in Oblivion

While many elite stars appeared in the 2008 comedy film Tropic Thunder, Tom Cruise’s portrayal of the foul-mouthed studio mogul left the most significant impression on the audience. The character was loved so much that a spinoff project featuring the character was greenlit. However, factors such as Cruise’s busy schedule and the project’s lengthy development cycle led to its demise. Some other Tom Cruise films that were up for a sequel but didn’t get one include Days of Thunder, Oblivion, Minority Report, and Rock of Ages.

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