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‘Still better than She-Hulk’: DC Fans Troll MCU’s She-Hulk After Rumored TITANS-STARGIRL-DOOM PATROL Crossover Takes Internet by Storm

She Hulk and Star Girl

Warner Bros. Discovery recently announced the ambitious crossover between the CW show Stargirl, Titans and Doom Patrol. Ahead of the second season of Stargirl, the third season of Titans and the third season of Doom Patrol making their debuts on the small screen, each received their own ratings and reviews.

Stargirl, Titans and Doom Patrol crossover
Stargirl, Titans and Doom Patrol crossover

Although CW has been receiving an endless amount of hate and backlash for its Arrowverse shows in specific, fans seem to believe that this crossover is a better project than She-Hulk. Trolls of the internet have once again taken into account the bad ratings of each show and criticized the super lawyer.

Stargirl: The Possible Savior of CW

Stargirl holds a rating of 94% on rotten tomatoes, which is a lot for a CW show to begin with. Having its first three seasons aired already, the show has seemingly received a positive review so far with the fans enjoying the lively yet dark tone it sets.

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The series follows a girl, Courtney Whitmore, who moves to a small town with her family. There she expected to be living a life of boredom and monotony, however she soon gets pulled into a group of teen heroes who are set to defeat a number of returning villains. Along with the support of her stepfather, Stargirl reinitiates none other than the Justice League of America once again, but this time, with a bunch of teenagers with superpowers.

Starring Brec Bassinger, the show made its debut in 2019 and since then became a part of the Arrowverse in the year 2020. After three successful seasons and the fourth one in production, the upcoming crossover might give it a much darker tone because of the other series it is collaborating with.

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Titans Strong Start Holds No Longer

Avika Goldsman, acclaimed filmmaker known for his work in Constantine (2005) and his Star Trek projects brought together a fan favorite team of people who follow the Detective Comics or grew up watching shows such as Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! The show sets a much darker tone than one would have thought to see at first.

Bringing characters like Nightwing, Red Hood, Starfire, Raven and more all together in one story which in the first season focuses on Dick Grayson’s journey from being Robin to becoming Nightwing. The team then learns to use their powers and work together against villains both new and old.

Starring Brenton Thwaites, Teagan Croft, Anna Diop and more, the show has seen depleting ratings as the fans say the story quality seems to be depleting. The news of the crossover has brought much worry as fans believe Titans would ruin the ratings of both Stargirl and Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol: The Savior of DC Shows

Doom Patrol’s rising ratings have been surprising for all as DC shows have had a history of starting off with a bang and then dipping in rating with a speed faster than even The Flash. With a whopping rating of 97% on rotten tomatoes, the show brings both humor and a dark story in one place.

A spin-off of Titans, the show originates from the house where Beastboy was first experimented on. Now following a bunch of traumatized superheroes all products of horrific accidents which led them to be experimented on in order to fix them. This bunch includes Cyborg, Robotman, Elasti-girl among others.

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Stargirl Crossover Still Better Than She-Hulk

The news of the crossover although saw a lot of negative remarks, what was interesting was to see fans prefer this unusual unison over Marvel’s She-Hulk. The ever concerning CGI of the show along with its lack of quality content is proving to be a plus point for DC as Stargirl’s crossover might welcome both Doom Patrol and Titans into the Arrowverse. 


The fans even after being hesitant of the crossover in general, are still choosing to lean towards it over the MCU’s worrisome record of lower ratings.

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