“Still the best Catwoman”: You Will Forget Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman After Watching this Vintage BTS Footage of Michelle Pfeiffer From Batman Returns

DC fans were blown away by Michelle Pfeiffer's BTS clip as Catwoman!

Anne Hathaway and Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman


  • Over the years, 14 different actresses have portrayed Catwoman across live-action and animated series.
  • In a BTS clip, Michelle Pfeiffer whipped off mannequins' head in one take as Catwoman.
  • DC fans call Michelle Pfeiffer the greatest actress to helm the role.
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It has been 84 years since Catwoman made her debut in the DC Universe; she has been an influential character within the Batman franchise. Over 8 decades, Selina Kyle has been showcased as a cat burglar, a villain, sometimes a hero, and having a romantic interest in The Caped Crusader. Since the Batman franchise has been rebooted over the years, several big names have portrayed The Cat, and each one of them has brought something new to the table, adding to the Cat Burglar’s antihero legacy.

Michelle Pfeiffer is believed to be the greatest Catwoman ever
Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns. Credits: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

In the recent adaptations of the Batman films, Zoë Kravitz and Anne Hathaway portrayed the character, who was iconic in the role, but neither of them could match the popularity of Michelle Pfeiffer in the 1992 film. If you had doubts, then, this behind-the-scenes from Batman Returns would make you forget every other actress that has helmed the role.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s BTS Clip In Batman Returns Lands Her as The Greatest Catwoman

Over the years, Catwoman has been featured in many of Batman’s films, portrayed by well-known actresses. Though it might sound baffling to some 14 different actresses have helmed the role, combining both the live-action and animated film made over the years.

14 different actresses portrayed Catwoman in movies and animated series
A still from Batman Returns. Credits: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

In recent years, Anne Hathaway portrayed the Cat Burglar in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, and it was met with immense love from the fans as she was perfectly balancing between being a cunning thief and a vulnerable figure. Moreover, her physically demanding scenes were absolutely perfect. 

However, her authenticity and the dynamic layer needed for the character come nowhere closer to the outstanding portrayal of Pfeiffer in the 1992 film. The Dangerous Ends actress helmed the role of Catwoman in Batman Returns, and many consider her portrayal to be the greatest and for all the right reasons.

A still from The Dark Knight Rises
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. Credits: WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. AND LEGENDARY PICTURES FUNDING, LLC.

She skillfully balanced the character dynamics of Selina Kyle and transformed her from being a meek and timid woman to a confident, fierce, and morally complex character. Recently, All The Right Movies (@ATRightMovies) shared a clip on X from the film, where Pfeiffer performed an outstanding task of whipping off the heads of the mannequins in a single take.


From her costume to her interpretation, everything was top-notch, and this clip from the set of the film showcases how she went the extra mile just because she wanted to make her role leave an indelible mark on the viewers.

Fans Declare Michelle Pfeiffer As The Greatest Catwoman

Without a shred of doubt, Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal remains the most iconic as she had redefined the character in her unforgettable black costume, which looked like a make-shift version, and fans loved it.

Fans love Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal of Catwoman
Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton in Batman Returns. Credits: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The ardent DC fans decided to declare her version in a league of her own as they all came forward on social media to praise her for the outstanding moment shared by the page on X.



Nevertheless, the Scarface actress has transformed Selina Kyle for a new generation, setting a higher bar for future actresses, as she cements herself to be the blueprint for Catwoman performances.

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