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‘Still trying to find out who his real father is’: Dwayne Johnson Is Sick of Kevin Hart’s Insults, Calls Him an Illegitimate Child

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Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson’s friendship is one that is indeed fun to watch. Their comedic banter timed with some great insults forms the core of their relationship. In a recent video, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart were seen passing the phone to one another with some great insults and comebacks to brighten up your day.

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Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson at the premiere of Jumanji.
Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson at the premiere of Jumanji.

Kevin Hart still trying to find his real father (jokingly)

While playing the “passing the phone” game, the duo had hilarious banter passing across back and forth. Starting the joke with Dwayne Johnson saying,

“Passing the phone to someone who lost his virginity when he was 22”

The phone was passed on to a smiling Kevin Hart who had a comeback ready for the Samoan actor.

“I am passing the phone to somebody who flips their underwear inside out because they’re too lazy to wash them correctly”

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam's dog in DC's League of Super Pets (2022).
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam’s dog in DC’s League of Super Pets (2022).

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The insults got heavier and nastier with each passing moment until finally Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went as far as questioning the American actor’s heritage!

“I am passing the phone to someone who is still trying to figure out who his real father is”

The banter went on with Kevin Hart revealing to the audience that Dwayne Johnson has been lying to Hollywood about his Hawaiian heritage.

The conversation ended with Dwayne Johnson giving a wholesome message about how Kevin Hart carries the Jumanji actor in his movies.

“I am passing the phone to someone who is truly tired of carrying me in his movies”

The various challenges done by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson seen at a ceremony.
Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson seen at a ceremony.

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The hilarious banter and insults are in response to the promotion of the duo’s latest movie DC’ League of Super-Pets. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson voices Krypto while Kevin Hart is the playback voice for Ace both being super-pets (duh!). With also challenges like the Tortilla Challenge, the duo is seen promoting the film with standards never before seen. Dwayne Johnson also released a surprising cameo as Black Adam’s dog in a post-credit scene of the movie, giving the first cameo of Black Adam in the DCAU.

DC’s League of Super-Pets which was released on 5th August in theaters worldwide is currently available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video.

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