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“Stop F*cking with everybody that’s a little bit older”: Kevin Hart Called Out For Insulting Marvel’s Avengers Star Don Cheadle

"Stop F*cking with everybody that's a little bit older": Kevin Hart Called Out For Insulting Marvel's Avengers Star Don Cheadle

Starting up as a stand-up performer, Kevin Hart has established himself as an actor, and comedian in Hollywood. And just like any other Hollywood star, Hart also became the subject of some controversial topics and ended up facing backlash. One of these incidents also includes an awkward interaction between him and Don Cheadle during an episode of his talk show, Hart to Heart. The talk show premiered on Peacock in August 2021.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

The show was later renewed for a second season and is described as an unscripted, unplanned, and unfiltered talk show. However, things did not go as planned after the Me Time star’s unfiltered reaction to Don Cheadle’s age.

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Kevin Hart’s Reaction to Don Cheadle’s Age

Don Cheadle became the second guest on Kevin Hart’s talk show, Hart to Heart. The Hotel Rwanda star talked about his music and acting career. The discussion somehow ended up coming across Cheadle’s age and generational wealth. However, the Jumanji star did not expect that, when it came to the House of Lies star’s age.

Kevin Hart with Don Cheadle
Kevin Hart with Don Cheadle

When Cheadle said that he “is 56 years old” Kevin Hart blurted out a not-so-decent “DAMN.” Don Cheadle was visibly uncomfortable with his reaction as he silently stared at the host before he said, “I’m sorry.” Hart also tried to explain that it was a thought that he had “blurted” out.

He also tried to clarify that he did not mean it in any wrong way. “I didn’t mean it that way. Just understand I didn’t mean it the way it came out,” he explained. While he tried to explain by saying the word with a softer tone, The Guard star simply denied it saying, “these are two different damns.” 

Kevin Hart and Don Cheadle on Hart to Heart
Kevin Hart and Don Cheadle on Hart to Heart

The moment went viral and people started discussing if it was a joke or if Cheadle really felt insulted by his reaction. Although he did share later that it was his “favorite interview ever” and would love to star together in a film, Hart still faced quite the backlash over the clip.

And the backlash did not last till social media. The Ride Along star was also called out by the guests on his talk show, Hart to Heart.

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Mark Wahlberg Called Out Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart’s Me Time co-star, Mark Wahlberg joined the talk show host during its second season. While talking about their experience, the Get Hard star once again tried to target his guest for his age. He mentioned that he does not intend to call Wahlberg “old” but was just trying to explain how it has been so long.

Kevin Hart along with Mark Wahlberg in Me Time
Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in Me Time (2022)

The conversation led Hart to say, “As a young guy, trying to achieve the success that you have already achieved.” The Uncharted star, however, did not hesitate to call him out by telling him that he was not “that f*cking young.”

“Stop f*cking with everybody that’s a little bit older,” he further said. He then mentioned Don Cheadle’s episode saying that what Hart did with him was not right. The Hart to Heart host was caught off guard after Mark Wahlberg mentioned the Avengers star.

Chris Rock on Hart to Heart
Chris Rock on Hart to Heart

Not just Wahlberg, Chris Rock also called out The Upside star for insulting Cheadle. The comedian told his age to the host and said, “Now don’t give me that Don Cheadle, DAMN.” Chris Rock then asked him why he would do such a thing to “such a cool guy.” 

He also impersonated his reaction, while trying to explain how uncomfortable it must have been for Don Cheadle. Seems like Kevin Hart needs to work on his reactions, as he admitted that he almost reacted the same way as he did for Cheadle if Chris Rock had not cut him off.

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