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‘Stop Feeding Your Agenda Here’: Fans Troll PETA as It Honors the Boys Season 3 Octopus Scene

Right after the season’s opening, The Boys Season 3 won the crown for being exciting weird, and highly fascinating at the same time. Previously, Eric Kripke claimed the season 3 opening was the craziest thing any studio has ever done, and yes he was right. Now let’s talk about one of the most professional and graphic sequences in The Boys series yet.

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The Boys Season 3, Deep eating timothy the octopus
The Boys Season 3, Deep eating timothy the octopus

Season 3 keeps on bringing up more gory and disturbing scenes as it continues, but that is what we already knew and expected from this series, although the fans didn’t know it to be this crazier. In the series, there’s one particular scene in episode 3, which is making the audience go nuts, and that particular scene has recently received an honor.

The Boys Gets Honored for Timothy the Octopus Scene

The Deep from The Boys season 3
The Deep from The Boys season 3

There was a very weird sequence In last season, Deep talking to his gills and a girl trying to finger them. Well, that’s nothing, the season gets crazier when we saw Deep sexualizing an octopus named “Timothy,” and proceeds to eat it alive on the orders of Homelander. So, we can say Deep is the weird symbol of the show as most of the scenes entangling him are weird and hard to watch for many of us.

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Scenes following, getting his whales and dolphins killed to being part of sickening sex scenes, Deep has been outrageous since the beginning. And now, eating his friend Timothy is way farther the most disturbing and awkward scene fans have ever experienced in the series. And now after witnessing this, fans started demanding Justice for Timothy on social media and the scene immediately became the priority of discussion. Although Deep is highly complicated in such scenes, he generally cares a lot for aquatic animals and tries to protect them. But, we always end up expecting something else and getting them killed.


But, this scene was appreciated by PETA so much that it decided to honor Crawford, Kripke, and The Boy’s special effects team with its Tech, Not Terror Awar. PETA’s Senior Vice President Lisa Lange stated:

Timothy the CGI octopus
Timothy the CGI octopus

“The Boys’ real heroes are working behind the scenes, creating a realistic CGI octopus so that animals can live in peace. PETA is celebrating this series for helping viewers see every octopus as an individual like Timothy, not as an entrée or as entertainment.”

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 aired on Amazon PrimeVideo on 10th June at 3 a.m. ET.

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