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‘Stop Pretending’: Disney Fans Call Out Racists Crying Foul Over Pinocchio Blue Fairy Controversy

Disney recently dropped the official trailer of its upcoming film, Pinocchio. It is the live-action adaptation of Walt Disney’s animated film of the same name. The story of the film is based on an Italian book by Carlo Collodi named The Adventures of Pinocchio. Now, we are aware of the tale of Pinocchio, a wooden boy who wished to live a life full of adventures. But the movie is facing some backlash due to Cynthia Erivo being cast as the Blue Fairy. The pseudo-fans have issues with her “not looking” like in the source. The Disney fans call them out for being racist.

Disney Fans call haters racist over Pinocchio Blue Fairy Controversy

After the trailer of Pinocchio was released, a number of people on Twitter started to cry over how the Blue Fairy does not look like the source movie. In the animated film, the Blue Fairy is white and has blonde hair. But in the live-action, Cynthia Erivo is playing the role and she has neither. And this seems to upset people. The Disney fans call them out for being racist.

Disney Fans call haters racist over Pinocchio Blue Fairy Controversy
Disney Fans call haters racist over the Blue Fairy Controversy

They took Twitter to tweet against the people who are trying over the way Blue Fairy looks. The animated film is from 1940 and now the times have changed. Now society has become more accepting and we can accept that a fairy can be black too. The people crying about Cynthia Erivo playing the role need to accept that.

Why can't the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio be black
Why can’t the Blue Fairy be black?

Some fans even shared that in the book, there is no mention that the Blue Fairy has white skin and that is the true source of the story of Pinocchio. @zeldawilliams tweeted, “Watching a bunch of adults get upset about a blue fairy in a kids movie is… wild. Pinocchio came out in 1940. Y’all really want to pretend you’re defending the honor of a movie you weren’t even ALIVE for the premiere of? Stop pretending you’re Pinocchio purist superfans.”

Already Moses Ingram has been facing hate due to her role in Obi-Wan Kenobi. It is hint enough that these people need to stop. 

The release date and the main cast of the live-action Pinocchio

The live-action Pinocchio comes out on September 8. 2022 on Disney+. It is directed by Robert Zemeckis and Chris Weltz wrote the screenplay along with the director. Apart from Cynthia Erivo playing the Blue Fairy, we will see Tom Hanks play Geppetto.

Tom Hanks looks amazing as Geppetto in Pinocchio
Tom Hanks looks amazing as Geppetto

The movie will also include Luke Evans with Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Keegan-Michael Key, and Lorraine Bracco in voice roles.

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