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Stranger Things 4: Will Byers’ Bowl Cut Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Him

The season 4 trailer for Stranger Things has been revealed, and there’s a lot to unpack. Will Byers, who became a fan favourite after his disappearance in Season 1 launched off the show’s events, is one of the larger reveals. Will, on the other hand, has had a series of misguided haircuts, each one worse than the last, and it appears as the trend will continue in Stranger Things 4.

Let’s take a look at Will’s bowl cut progression.

Season 1

Stranger Things
Will Byers – Season 1

Will Byers is barely seen in Stranger Things’ first season due to his disappearance, which is crucial to the overarching plot and the introduction of the Upside Down and the Demogorgon. His sad bowl cut, on the other hand, is given much too much screen time — a vintage 1980s hairdo that should never have existed.

Season 2

Stranger Things
Will Byers – Season 2

Will is substantially more present in Season 2 of Stranger Things. Will’s hairstyle hasn’t changed much in the first two seasons, save from its curved shape, which seems to complement his facial structure more than before. This is an enhancement that is aided by his advancing age, as he “grows” into the hairdo with time.

Season 3

Stranger Things
Will Byers – Season 3

Will matured in Season 3 and was able to grow out of his terrible hairstyle. That didn’t stop Noah Schnapp from hating it. Schnapp stated his distaste of the haircut on The Jimmy Fallon Show last year, adding, “One of the worst. I can’t begin to explain. I literally ask them all the time, ‘Why doesn’t Will, maybe he shaves his head?’ But really, did everyone have that haircut in the ’80s? Who would choose to have that haircut?” Season 3’s hairdo was not as awful as the previous two, but it was far from fashionable.

Fandomwire Video

Season 4

Stranger Things
Will Byers – Season 4

Some fans are sharing Noah’s opinion — a change — as stranger things 4 gets closer. On the internet, Change.Org Petition for Byers to have Schnapp’s own hairstyle in the coming season has appeared. Those fans, on the other hand, are sure to be disappointed if he appears in the trailer wearing another bowl cut. The new-look is essentially the same as the top of the previous ones in the preview but Will has decided to shave the sides, which is a bad look. Simply said, the reinvented style resembles a mushroom cap, which no kid his age should aim for.

Stranger Things 4 premieres on Netflix in summer 2022.

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Written by Prachee Mishra