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Stranger Things Makeup Artist Reveals How They Got Robert Englund’s Insane ‘Victor Creel Eyes’ Right

Stranger Things is a supernatural sci-fi series on Netflix. The show just dropped the second volume of its fourth season. The latest season dropped almost 3 years after the third season due to the pandemic lockdown. Despite the delay, the show got an excellent response and became the number one English show on Netflix. The actor, Robert Englund, appeared as the old Victor Kreel, and his look with the sliced eyes induced a quiver of fear in the fans; similar to his iconic character from Nightmare on the Elm Street‘s Freddie Kruger. The makeup artist shares the details of his look.

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The makeup artist shares details of Victor Kreel’s look

Stranger Things Makeup Artist reveals details on Victor Creel's look
Stranger Things Makeup Artist reveals details of Victor Creel’s look

Barrie Gower was the head of Effects Makeup on the set of Stranger Things 4. He spoke about how his team managed to create the sliced eyes look of Victor Creel for the actor, Robert Englund. The Effects Makeup is used to create prosthetics for special looks. The team carefully did the same for the actor playing a character who sliced his eyes and was blind. The prosthetics also allowed the actor to see.

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Robert Englund's Effects Makeup for Stranger Things
Robert Englund’s Effects Makeup for Stranger Things

He shared, “We were already a few months into Vecna when they approached us about the Victor Creel character, and we were really excited to do it, we thought that’d be a great experience to create his appliances. But we weren’t aware it was going to be Robert Englund at the time. It wasn’t until we’d already discussed the design of the makeup that they let us know it was Robert. From a creature and makeup effects and horror fan point of view, we were like kids in a sweet shop. We were over the moon, couldn’t believe that we were going to get to work with Robert Englund.”

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He further explained, “We built an appliance that had a domed cavity above Robert’s eyes beneath the appliance, so he could actually open his eyelids and he could see through a couple of tiny little pierced holes in the prosthetic.”


Stranger Things makeup artist has been a part of many fantasy projects

Barrie Gower has created many similar looks
Barrie Gower has created many similar looks

This was not the first time Barrie Gower created amazing Effects Makeup on the set of a fantasy series. He has been a part of major projects like Harry Porter, The Witcher, and No Time to Die. He has also been behind creating the prosthetic makeup of characters in the Game of Thrones seasons 4 to 8. He is the genius behind the look of Night King, the Children of the Forest, and many other mystical creatures on the show.

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The Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 is now available on Netflix.

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