Stranger Things Cast: 5 Smartest Members of Team Hawkins, Ranked

Do you remember the phase when Demogorgon showed up in variations, malevolent scientists attempted to unlock the upside down? Viewers who are familiar with this amazing show “Stranger Things” must’ve seen and explored it throughout the seasons.

Stranger Things cast of season 5
Stranger Things cast of season 5

Stranger Things premiered on Netflix on July 15, 2016. Along with three seasons already released following the fourth season. The latest one is putting the audience’s patience to the game.

Top 5 Stranger Things Cast Ranked


The Netflix series is so precious and engaging that viewers grow interested in each character. Here is a ranked list of all your favorite characters throughout the seasons!

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1) Jim Hopper

Jim Hopper in Stranger Things
Jim Hopper

As we all know, he is the man who had been abandoned by fate yet fought hard for Hawkins and its people. Hopper was the kind of gentleman who is good for everyone, including Eleven, Joyce, Will, and the kids, including others. Well, he didn’t deserve to die, the season 4 implies something unusual about his death. Watch the teaser to find out.

2) Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington in Stranger Things
Steve Harrington

Well, let’s not judge Steve from Season 1. He went through a character development phase following each episode of the series. He protected the kids and was concerned for their safety, even though they didn’t listen to him. This is the reason why he is one of the most likable characters. He also helped Dustin get rid of Dart (a pet, which came out to be a Demogorgon).

3) Dustin

Dustin in Strange Things

Who doesn’t like Dustin? He is always an observer and a defender of his people. He usually resolved the group conflicts by turning their attention to what was going on around them. Sadly the following Stranger Things season showed us how lonely he felt during the festive school dance ‘Snowball.’ Well, we never knew that he’s gonna date that girl named Suzie. The one whom he affectionately named ‘Suzie-Poo’.

4) Joyce Byers

"Joyce in stranger things
Joyce Byers

Joyce is a divorced single mother raising her two sons named Jonathan and Will in Hawkins. Joyce is always a sympathetic, friendly, and compassionate mother who would go to any extent to keep her sons safe. Even though she was going through a nervous breakdown, Joyce was determined that she was talking with her son. She even took the help of Eleven, who was able to save him.

5) Eleven

Eleven in Stranger Things

Finally, the main character in Stranger Things who rules this show is known for her amazing powers. Eleven became passionate and protective of those who cared for her. Particularly Mike, with whom she fell in love. It’s acceptable that she was jealous and furious with people at first. But she just didn’t know how to express herself and how to control her powers. This is because of the torture she had been through, so it’s understandable. At one point, she was even ready to sacrifice herself to kill the Monster.

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Written by Shreeparna Das