‘What Have We Done?’: Stranger Things Creators Regret Killing This Character in Season 4

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Previously in Stranger Things, we already witnessed plenty of deaths including characters like Barbara Holland, Billy Hargrove, and one of the most loving Alexei. And now in Stranger Things season 4 volume 1, Matt and Ross Duffer conveyed their regrets about one season 4 character’s death. Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 was released on Netflix on May 27, following a 3-year gap, fans were excited about their favorite characters while meeting many new faces, including the most popular girl in school.

Stranger Things season 4, Joseph Quinn
Stranger Things season 4, Joseph Quinn

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The first chapter “The Hellfire Club” introduces us to characters like Grace Van Dien’s Chrissy Cunningham, a cheerleader, and girlfriend of basketball captain Jason Carver. Unfortunately, the cheerleader sought Eddie with some drugs to help her with headaches and hallucinations. Sadly, it was a symptom of being chosen by Stranger Things season 4 villain Vecna. The Upside Down spellcaster turned her into a grotesque human pretzel, which resulted in us couldn’t help but cry about what could have been at the end of the episode.


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Stranger Things 4 character Grace Van Dien
Stranger Things 4 character Grace Van Dien

At this event, even the Duffer brothers were upset by the happening. In a recent interview with TVLine, they discussed Chrissy’s death. According to the creators of Stranger Things, they realized the actor and its potential even her fate had already been sealed. This is what they said:

“We always have those moments [of ‘What have we done?’]. We shot the quote-unquote drug-deal scene in the woods pretty late, actually, into shooting.”

“The scene came alive in a way that was just so beautiful. And so much of that was Joe and Grace. It was just one of those fortunate scenes where we were able to have two cameras rolling capturing them simultaneously. Joe was doing a lot of stuff kinda spontaneously, and we were getting these amazing reactions from Grace. It’s pretty impressive what Grace was able to do with very, very few scenes to get people to care as she did.”

Duffer Brothers regrets about Chrissy's death
Duffer Brothers regrets Chrissy’s death

The chemistry between Van Dien and Quinn in episode 1 gives credit to the theory that both characters would become an important part of the Stranger Things season 4 cast. Although, that plot has already been explored in season 1 with other characters, Nancy and Jonathan. And also, Chrissy’s likability makes her death even more impactful and sets the mood for the rest of the upcoming episodes. However, her murder was not fully unexpected.

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Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 will drop on Friday, July 1.

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