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Director Shawn Levy reacts to Fan Complaints after Major Deaths in Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 Finale

Netflix just dropped the last two episodes of the fourth season of its superhit series Stranger Things as Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 and it has already got the fans mourning the deaths of some of its prime characters. It was already a precedent that this season will conclude with the losses of some of the show’s main characters. And now after the completion of season 4, as we have got to know the exact tally of the fallen ones, there’s both a feeling of excitement as well as grief around it.

Stranger Things 4 deaths
Stranger Things 4

Earlier the actor who plays Will Byers in the series Noah Schnapp hinted to us about some deaths in the season finale. Even Netflix cleverly marketed the finale with ominous messages to build the hype around who would have a bad fate. But there’s no doubt that it was successful to surprise us as few things took the other way than expected.

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The Deaths Shook the Fans:

Stranger Things Season 4 finale shook the fans
Stranger Things Season 4 antagonist Vecna

The First volume of Stranger Things season 4 ended with Nancy trapped in Vecna’s mind while she and Eleven simultaneously witnessed the whole origin of Vecna and its connection to Henry Creel whereas the California gang of Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle searching for Nina to locate Eleven. On the other hand, Hopper, Joyce, and Murray were trying to manage the whole Russian prison fiasco along with the help of a fellow Russian Soldier.

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The latest volume concludes the whole story arc by teaming up everybody in a unique manner to defeat Vecna and reuniting them at the End. Although few characters aren’t able to make it out alive the most prominent among them is Eddie Munson.

While few other characters like Jason have a drastic fate, as well as Max, almost being dead hurts us as fans still the fate of Eddie Munson stands out among all of them as being the supreme inducer of pain mainly due to his character arc in the series.

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Eddie Munson and his significance:

Eddie Munson's death has been foreshadowed from season one
Eddie Munson

While the whole Stranger fandom was busy worrying about our beloved Steve Harrington, the show takes a turn by killing another fan favorite. Eddie Munson was just introduced to the series in the latest season and due to the wholesome attributes possessed by the character, he takes no time in becoming the absolute favorite.

Eddie Munson played by Joseph Quinn ran the Hellfire Club in the series and soon due to an unfortunate incident becomes the prime suspect in a murder. The whole town starts suspecting him and thus he had to flee turning to Eddie the Banished. During the finale, he bravely fought the Demobats in the Underground and took his last breath in the arms of a crying Dustin Henderson. That’s what makes his character more special to us. He didn’t take a back foot when it was important to save his town. The same town which despised him and called him a freak murderer.

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Eddie always used to run away from trouble but this time he didn’t. This time he fought. While the fans are extremely heartbroken over his fate, the executive producer and director Shawn Levy shared a heartfelt tweet to remember him:

Even the fans are extremely emotional with the ending:

Stranger Things always had its name for killing the fan favorites, be it Bob or Billy or Alexei and now undoubtedly Eddie Munson will have this Golden Crown to his name.

Future of Stranger Things:

The Duffer Brothers admitted they too forgot Will's birthday in Stranger Things' latest season
The Duffer Brothers who created Stranger Things

This is not the end of Stranger Things but as Vecna says it’s the Beginning of the End. The show will have its fifth season as the final chapter in its name. The ending of Season 4 also presents us that Vecna hasn’t died but got hurt and will surely retaliate against all of them and this time our heroes will have a tougher time defeating him.


Stranger Things season 4 is exclusively streaming on Netflix.

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