Stranger Things Season 4: Set Photos Show Badly Injured Eleven. Another Death In The Family?

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Stranger Things has been the backbone of Netflix’s appeal in the currently ongoing streaming wars. Netflix is currently sitting on the Iron throne thanks to Stranger Things. This was the show that pushed the platform to a point of absolute dominance over the other players. It all started with a meek, young girl who went by the name Eleven. Millie Bobby Brown returns to play the iconic characters in Stranger Things Season 4. Recently released set photos reveal her character might be meeting its end this season.


The viewers have been flooded with questions after the confusing season 3 finale. Hopper is alive. Eleven has moved out of Hawkins. The Byers family has done the same. The Upside-Down is still a huge mystery.


Netflix needs to give us answers. The catch is – the COVID 19 pandemic has delayed them. Because of the global pandemic, stranger Things was hit with massive production delays just like every other show being filmed. Netflix did release a short promo teaser in may to keep the hype going. But that only served in adding up to the questions. As a result, people are looking forward to set photos to identify the plausible plot direction for Stranger Things Season 4.

Season 4 Set Photos Reveal Eleven’s End Might Be Nigh


Thanks to Metro, we can now take a look at how Stranger things Season 4 is moving forward. eagle eyed onlookers managed to capture a few pics that showed Millie Bobby Brown on a stretcher, being taken to the hospital. Other pictures show Hawkins is about to face its next major disaster. Did the disaster manage to catch Eleven off guard?

Blue Screens are already seen set up all over the town. This means a lot of CGI is about to come into play. We might be seeing many of the monsters from upside-Down coming to Hawkins. or maybe something else is in store. The Duffer Brothers’ iconic show likes to keep everything tight-lipped.


Since there’s a lot of rubble seen on set, we may be facing a potential catastrophe that will shake the town of Hawkins to its very core. Eleven on a stretcher might be the beginning of the end.


In Season 3, Eleven was bit by the Mind-Flayer. It bit her and she was rendered powerless. So it’s natural to assume that she is extremely vulnerable right now. Stranger Things Season 4 might show us Eleven going on an impossible quest to regain her powers. But adventures like that are seldom safe.

Looks like Eleven was caught in the crossfire. We hope that’s not the last of her we see in Stranger Things.

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