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Stranger Things Season 4: The Haunted House Can Fix the Show

Stranger Things Season 4 The Haunted House Can Fix the Show
Stranger Things
Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things season 4‘s latest trailer introduces viewers to Creel House, a location that will be important in this season’s storey and through which one of the show’s problems might be resolved. Netflix boasts a wide assortment of original TV episodes and movies for all ages and genres, with the horror drama TV series Stranger Things being one of its biggest blockbusters. Stranger Things, created by the Duffer Brothers, aired in 2016 and became an instant sensation because of its mix of genres, 1980s settings, and many horror films that impacted it.

The Story So Far

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

Stranger Things season 1 introduced viewers to Hawkins, Indiana, where the disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) prompted an investigation into the dangerous experiments that took place at Hawkins Lab, where a portal to another dimension (dubbed the “Upside Down”) was open, allowing various monsters in, and where human test subjects, most notably Eleven, were used as test subjects.

Season 2 dealt with Will’s experiences in the Upside Down, while Season 3 revealed that the Russians had been doing their own experiments with the Upside Down and had created an underground lab in Hawkins. Stranger Things season 4 will find the group coping with new challenges and problems, all of which are connected in some way to the Upside Down, despite the fact that the portal to the other dimension was closed at the end of season 3.

Plot Line For 4th Season

Stranger Things
Stranger Things 4 Teaser

Stranger Things 4 plot specifics have been kept under wraps, so fans have been speculating about what the tale might be about and how the Upside Down will be involved now that the gate has been closed. Netflix has been releasing season 4 teasers with a few hints as to what to expect, and the most recent one, dubbed “Creel House,” highlighted a major site where the group would be hunting for answers and where an important object (a grandfather clock strongly featured in previous teasers) is housed. Stranger Things season 4 will feature Creel House, which could solve an issue the show has been having by providing a storey that is more true to the program’s roots.

Reason For Season 1’s Success 

Stranger Things
Stranger Things Season 1

Stranger Things season 1’s success was attributed in part to its horror and mystery-focused storyline, a vibe that was left behind in later seasons, with the third being a bit lighter than the first. Seasons 2 and 3 also had more subplots (particularly season 3), so the haunted house storyline in Stranger Things season 4 is on a smaller scale, with a horror/mystery focus reminiscent of season 1, and so may correct the flaws of the previous seasons.

Why would the Concept of ‘Haunted House’ work?

Stranger Things haunted house can fix shows problems
Stranger Things / Haunted House

Haunted houses are a common subject in the horror genre, so this would surely return the series to that rather than taking a more sci-fi approach, as season 3 did. As previously stated, the door to the Upside Down was closed at the end of season 3, but there are still a number of loose ends, such as Hopper’s imprisonment in Russia and Eleven’s loss of powers, thus season 4 represents a fresh start for the show.

It’s unclear what clues the group will be looking for at Creel House, or how this particular site (and the clock) is connected to the Upside Down, but Stranger Things season 4 appears to be heading in the right direction and thus has the opportunity to correct some of the series’ biggest flaws.

Written by Prachee Mishra