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‘They see us as two-dimensional set pieces’: Stranger Things Fan-Favorite Star Reveals How Hollywood Treats Fat Actors

The Stranger Things actress, Shannon Purser speaks about the treatment of fat actors in Hollywood. She is well known for playing the role of Barbara, Nancy’s friend, who was killed by the Demogorgon. Barbara was a likable character and the first one to have died in the series which really avoids killing characters. Recently, she is back in the news due to her comment on Hollywood’s treatment of fat actors.

Shannon Purser speaks up against treatment of fat actors
Shannon Purser speaks up against the treatment of fat actors

Despite movements toward accepting our bodies no matter how it looks, Hollywood has been having some trouble casting fat actors, even to play iconic fat characters.

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Stranger Things star speaks up against Hollywood’s treatment of fat actors

Emma Thompson in fat suit sparks crticism
Emma Thompson in fat suit sparks criticism

The actress, Shannon Purser spoke against the treatment of oversized actors after the photo of Emma Thompson wearing a fat suit for the upcoming remake of Matilda was released. The actress was given a number of prosthetics and implants to play the iconic fat character in the movie, Agatha Trunchbulll. It has sparked some debate as well.

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Shannon Purser took Twitter to speak her opinion, “They’re not hiring fat actors for iconic fat characters because they want a big-name star. There are almost no fat big-name stars because fat actors aren’t allowed upward mobility We aren’t allowed upward mobility because the industry sees us as two-dimensional set pieces.”

Shannon Purser receives the support on Twitter

After the actress posted her views on Emma Thompson being cast to play a fat character, donning a fat suit, many have come to support the actress. As it is something everyone can agree upon that casting a fat actor for an iconic fat character is way easier than casting the big names and making them wear fat suits to make them look fat. It is a surprise to see that Hollywood is still doing it in 2022.

Stranger Things actress receives support on Twitter
Stranger Things actress receives support on Twitter

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One of the Twitter users commented on the post, “It makes me sad too, because there are a lot of talented fat actors, and we are fine playing villains because we want diverse and complex roles on par with those who fit societal standards, as long as we stop being typecasted in roles that are negative BECAUSE we are fat.”

Check out other Twitter comments below:

Many other actors have spoken up against this issue as well. Back in 2019, James Cordon also highlighted the issue existing in the industry. He said “chubby’ actors do not get to play major roles in movies.

Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 comes out on July 1, 2022.

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