Stranger Things: Upside Down Facts To Make You Scream In Horror

Stranger Things, the Netflix show is back. The trailer for the next season dropped recently. While we are happy and excited to watch the next season, we are also a tad bit scared. Scared and frightened from the Upside Down. Upside down, the chief antagonist of the series is terrifying. It is also mysterious, and that adds to its menace. We take a look at the phenomenon that is the Upside Down and list 5 things that can make you scream in horror! Let us know what your thoughts are on the evil dimension, post your opinion in the comments section below.

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What is the Upside Down?

scary facts about upside down
The Upside down, a representation.

The Upside Down is an alternate dimension that exists in parallel to the human world. Most beings that inhabit this twisted world are linked together in a hive mind, controlled by the Mindflayer. The whole thing in essence is a superorganism. In 1983, as the story goes, during an experiment conducted at Hawkins National Lab, a child test subject made contact with a being in this world. This opened a gate, through which the Mindflayer tried to invade the human world. However, it was prevented from doing so when the said gate was closed.

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1. It has The Mindflayer!

scary facts about upside down
The Mindflayer

Perhaps the most terrifying fact on this list, it has the evil Mindflayer in it. All organisms and beings that exist in the Upside Down are linked together in a single mind controlled by the Mindflayer. Due to this, the entire dimension is nothing but a giant superorganism. Yikes!

When an unintentional gate opened between the Upside Down and the human world, the Mindflayer tried to take over. It sent its biological matter through this gate. Whatever its true intentions were, they seem to be evil.

2. Demogorgons are Let Loose in it!

scary facts about upside down
A Demogorgon

There exists, within this dimension, humanoid predators, known as Demogorgons. They form an important part of the Mindflyer’s army. These creatures seem to have a six-stage life cycle and are quite bizarre and scary. They begin as small slug-like creatures and end as adults. Trust us, you don’t want to cross paths with one!

3. Tunnels to Take Over the World!

scary facts about upside down
A still from Stranger Things

At one point, a series of tunnels formed near the gate. These were not from the earth and had an extra-dimensional origin. They were essentially one single creature. It has been theorized that the purpose behind them was to help Upside Down take over the human world. Moreover, the conditions that existed in these tunnels were the same as those that were in the Upside Down. This is the stuff of nightmares!

4. Dangerous Spores Fill its Air

scary facts about upside down
A Representation of the Upside Down

Oh! And dangerous, life-threatening spores fill the atmosphere in this dimension. They perpetually drift through its air. After the gate opened, these spores reached the human world and were also there in the aforementioned tunnels.

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