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Stranger Things Vecna Star Jamie Campbell Bower Disses Marvel, Wants To Play Scarecrow in The Batman 2: “It’d be weird and spooky. That would be cool”

Stranger Things Vecna Star Jamie Campbell Bower Disses Marvel, Wants To Play Scarecrow in The Batman 2: "It'd be weird and spooky. That would be cool"

Stranger Things season four’s villain, Vecna, became an instant hit amongst the fans. The humanoid monster was brought flawlessly to life by Jamie Campbell Bower whose portrayal was so brilliant that it made lead actress Millie Bobby Brown burst into tears. He sure knew how to truly get into the role, didn’t he?

Jamie Campbell Bower in Stranger Things
Jamie Campbell Bower in Stranger Things

Well, it sure looks like Jamie Campbell Bower has grown a liking for playing characters like Vecna. The actor recently revealed that he would love to play a DC character who looks just as terrifying as Vecna, if not more. The character is none other than Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow. While the supervillain has been brought to life several times, it sure would be interesting to see Jamie Campbell Bower’s take on the character!

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Jamie Campbell Bower Wants to Play Scarecrow

Scarecrow from DC Comics
Scarecrow from DC Comics

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We love to know if there’s a character from the superhero universe our favorite celebrities would love to play. Well, Stranger Things actor, Jamie Campbell Bower, just let his fans know who his character of choice is. While people would want to play superheroes who would go out of their way to save the day, Bower wants to play someone the world needs saving from. Wanting to continue his antagonist streak, Bower is pretty interested in playing Scarecrow, one of Batman’s OG enemies.

Bower attended the Comfest 2023 where he talked to Geek House Show’s Hasan Mohammed. During their conversation, Mohammed asked Bower if there was any character he would love to play in the DC Universe, as the superhero world expands under James Gunn and Peter Safran’s regime. Bower stated,

“There has been a lot of chatter about Scarecrow recently. That would be cool. To do that, that would be fun. Very spooky, that would be great!”

Dr. Jonathan Crane is a psychologist who developed something called the Fear Toxin which caused victims to hallucinate their worst fears when inhaled. Taking on the alias of Scarecrow, Jonathan became one of Gotham City’s biggest threats. We have already seen a live-action version of Scarecrow in Batman Begins where he was played by Cillian Murphy. It is also reported that Scarecrow will be a part of Matt ReevesBatman Universe and could also get a solo project. It looks like Bower’s agents have a few phone calls to make!

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Jamie Campbell Bower Went as Far as Possible for Vecna

Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna
Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna

There is no doubt to the fact that Vecna is one of the creepiest, most terrifying things to come out of Stranger Things. It really makes you think about the conversations Bower must have had with the team about how exactly he could make Vecna as nightmare-inducing as possible. Well, Bower revealed that he had a total of zero discussions about the character’s sinister scale.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Bower stated that while they did not sit down to discuss the lengths of the character, he did get an idea through the script. Thanks to the snapping of limbs and the bleeding of eyes being mentioned in the script, Bower knew he could go all out with his portrayal.

“There were no real discussions as to how dark, personally, I was going to take it. Obviously, I was reading the scripts and looking at how the kills happen; the limbs snapping and the eyes bleeding is written in there. So from there, you are able to go, ‘Okay, this is no-holds-barred; I can go as far as I want.’ But we never sat down and said ‘Let’s make something really terrifying.” I have mentioned this already, but I’m an obsessive. So when I latch on to something I’m going to go as far as I possibly can…I thought, ‘Great! I’m just going to be really horrid!”

And really horrid he was! We cannot wait to see what Bower has up his sleeves for Stranger Things season five as he is all set to return as Vecna. Thanks to his brilliant works as Vecna, we don’t see why he wouldn’t be the perfect candidate for Scarecrow. Fingers crossed!

Stranger Things is available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Geek House Show

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