Strangers Things: A Character Expected To Die In Season 4

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With the fourth season of “Stranger Things” on the cards, fans like us are kinda’ losing it at every news. Somehow, the show has managed to hold the plot discreet and keep us in the dark. No one seems to have a clue about what’s going on in Hawkins, Indiana ever since the events of Season 3. Fans are constantly trying to dig new details and build theories for the upcoming Season 4. But boy! The last part did have a pretty intense ending that makes you sweat and weep. Regardless of the mind-numbing challenges, all the prime characters have managed to survive up till now.


It is already given that the upcoming season is going to raise the stakes and turn the theme a notch darker. This belief is supported by the recent set photos released by Stranger Things 4 and Stranger Things Filming. The photograph reveals the cast attending an unknown character’s funeral at a cemetery. Needless to say, it indicates a beloved character’s death amidst the war with the Russians and the Upside Down. So, which character is supposed to die in Season 4?



Yes, hold on to your hearts! Our most beloved and the most powerful character might be dying this season. As impossible as it sounds, there is some evidence to support this theory. First of all, Eleven lost all her powers after fighting the Mind Flayer. Second of all, one of the characters spotted attending the funeral looked quite similar to Dr Brenner. Based on the current rumours, Dr Brenner is indeed coming back in Season 4. Well, as far as we know, he wouldn’t be at the funeral unless it was for Eleven.

Hopper or Billy

Based on what we saw in the previous season, the funeral could be held for two characters, Hopper and Billy. The finale ended with the bad guy, Billy returning to his senses and saving Eleven at the cost of his life. On the other side, Hopper sacrificed himself while stopping the Russian machine to crack open the Upside Down. Even though Hopper is still alive, the rest of the characters believe him to be dead. Perhaps, the pictures we are referring to belong to the opening scenes where these heroes are given tribute.


Steve Harrington

Steve started out as a j*cka*s who eventually evolved into a fan favourite character over the seasons. Even though he joined the team of heroes long back, this could be his shot to shine out as a hero himself. However, that might come at the cost of his life. Considering Jonathan and Nancy’s closeness to him, their reading some documents during the funeral points at Steve. If they were to be invested this much in someone’s death, it could be Steve’s.

Joyce Byers


Joyce may not possess enhanced powers like Eleven, but she is the bravest character on the show. As a mother, Joyce would go beyond any lengths to protect her children. We have seen her spiral into self-destruction whenever her kids are in danger. She is an ordinary human who transforms into a fierce fighter when her motherhood is evoked. The same recklessness might push her towards death this time. We are not guessing her name out of the blue. But the reappearance of her ex-husband Lonnie adds a base to this conjecture.


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