Street Fighter 6 To Introduce New Drive System & Modern Control Scheme

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Many PS4 and PS5 users will rejoice after the announcement of several games getting remakes, such as Resident Evil 4, and the upcoming Street Fighter 6. Sony’s recently concluded event State of Play featured various upgrades and new games. These two were the highlights of the show.


Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 trailer revealed lots of details about the new game, which players can expect as soon as it arrives in store. This comprises the game’s enhanced combat mechanics, a new set of characters, and a new single-player adventure mode.


Street Fighter 6 New Drive System And Control Scheme

Soon after the show, PlayStation posted on their website additional features that were not presented at the event. Street Fighter 6 will include a new gameplay feature called the “Drive” system. The purpose of this is to experiment with five various techniques that players can use. This will enhance a player’s offensive or defensive skill, including a parry that can drive away any attacks that fill up the Drive Gauge.

Street Fighter 6 Drive System

There will also be new techniques for players to learn the mechanics using the “Classic” or “Modern” control scheme. The classic will retain the six-button format that old fans are familiar with, while the modern will include one button for special attacks and various directional instructions. This will be helpful for new players who find it challenging to maneuver the classic commands.


New Features: World Tour and Battle Hub


Another piece of information provided by PlayStation is the two new modes that were shown in the trailer. World Tour refers to the game’s single-player immersive story mode where gamers use an avatar character to roam around Metro City. Battle Hub, on the other hand, will be a venue for online matches, but more features about it will be revealed in the future.

Street Fighter 6 will arrive on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S this 2023.


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