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Strongest Members Of X-Force – Mutant Mercenary Team

Strongest Members Of X-Force - Mutant Mercenary Team Of Deadpool 3

X-Force is the fictional team of superheroes by Marvel that are commonly associated with X-Men. However, the X-Force team is more inclined towards protecting mutants. Therefore, they recruit powerful mutants having the utmost strength and abilities. Let us see the strongest members of the X-Force team.

Hope Summers: Top among the Strongest members of the X-Force, she can be considered as the strongest of all as she can mimic any mutant power. This ability makes her unique and also an omega-level mutant with no shortfalls. She can also regulate the powers attained and use them better than the person she had acquired them from.

Hope Summers, one of the strongest members of the X-Force team.
Hope Summers

Wolverine: Being the oldest member, he is the most experienced and robust person on the team as he has been alive for more than a hundred years. So his experience over these years helps him win any fight. Besides this advantage, his rage makes him a beast and makes it difficult for anyone to control him when he is triggered.

Wolverine, the robust person

Fantomex: He has similar strength as Wolverine. Most of them are unaware of Fantomex, but he is made from the same program from which Wolverine sprung out. So, one can say that he is as strong as Wolverine in many aspects.

Fantomex as one of the strongest members as Wolverine

Cable: A powerful telepath, Nathan Summers (Cable) is one of the strongest X-Force leaders. He is a mutant with near omega level power and telepathic skills. However, his mother had a vision of him becoming the most powerful telepath on earth in the future. On top of it, he is the son of a well-known mutant leader – Cyclops.


Sunspot: As the name implies, he can absorb the energy from the sun and use it to boost his strength and power. He can also distribute his energy for various things such as flying, lifting weights, and solar energy manipulation.

Strongest member, Sunspot.

Deadpool: One Of The Strongest Members Due To His Nigh-Immortality. Strictly speaking, Deadpool has only one true superpower, which is the healing factor he gained through his previous experimentations. This power makes him functionally immortal. For this reason, he can do anything. He can be an assassin who can take out an entire army of enemies.

The immortal Deadpool as one of the strongest members.

Psylocke Has Telekinetic Powers: She is a warrior with the powers of telepathy and telekinesis. These abilities make her one of the strongest members and invaluable assets to the team of X-Force.


Colossus, Man Of Steel: His mutant powers make him transform his body into steel, granting him durability and super strength. If we consider one-on-one fights, he is the strongest mutant, his strength being comparable to Thor or Juggernaut.


X-23 Has Regenerative Strength: She is the clone of Wolverine. Her powers include regenerative healing, immunity to diseases and poisons, and a similar berserker rage mode like that of Wolverine.

X-23, the clone of Wolverine.

Domino: Luck makes her one of the Strongest members of the team. Most of them don’t consider her a key member, but her luck factor makes her hard to deal with. Her power favors her luck via probability manipulation. And that is why she never gets caught in bad luck. Regardless, she has limited control over her powers. They get triggered only when she is in grave danger.



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