Suicide Squad: 5 Times They Chose To Be The Good Guys (& 5 Times They Were The Bad Guys)


The Suicide Squad is arguably one of the most complex antihero groups in the DC universe. In spite of the fact that the individuals are basically fierce detainees in Belle Reve, now and again they put the “human” in metahuman with their shenanigans.

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When a bunch of detainees are forced to work together for the greater good of a country, both the best and the most noticeably awful can occur. Although, majority of the individuals joined the crew for the egotistical addition of a diminished jail sentence, their actions oftentimes portray a human side to them that’s not always apparent.


1) Good Guys: Deadshot Saves The Life Of His Sworn Enemy

deadshot john

In S2, episode 16 of the Arrow TV series, Task Force X are on their first-ever assignment assigned by Amanda Waller. Deadshot is assigned to A.R.G.U.S agents, Lyla Michaels and John Diggle on a mission to retrieve a dangerous nerve agent from Gholem Qadir, a terrorist, and a former drug lord, alongside Bronze Tiger and Shrapnel.


Before the assignment, Deadshot assassinated Diggle’s brother, Andrew, causing a bitter feud between both men. However, while fighting off Gholem’s men, Deadshot saves John Diggle’s life by taking out a gunman aiming at him from behind.

2) Bad Guys: King Shark Eats Yo-Yo

king shark


King Shark is a character that is not liked by most fans. In the comics, during a prison riot in Belle Reve, King Shark ate fellow team-mate Yo-Yo. He proved that no matter how much they save the world, many of the squadmates will remain villains at their core.

3) Good Guys: Deadshot Gives Bronze Tiger The “Get Out Of Hell Free” Card

deadshot bronzetiger


In Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay, we could see Task Force X at its best and worst. For example, Deadshot’s assassin job cost him the custody of his daughter, Zoe. On the other hand, Bronze Tiger was an ex-CIA agent turned vigilante following the death of his wife Miyoshi.

Amanda Waller sent the team on a deadly mission to retrieve the “Get Out Of Hell Free” card. The card’s power allowed the holder to bypass hell and secure a spot in heaven. This mission was important to her as she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. After defeating Zoom, Deadshot gave the card to the mortally wounded Bronze Tiger who went to heaven immediately.


4) Bad Guys: Vertigo And Jewelee Double Cross The Team

Vertigo and Jewelee

Amanda assigned Jewelee, Punch, Vertigo, and Deadshot to recover a flash drive containing leaked intelligence secrets from Tobias Whale. Before defeating Zoom and getting the card, the team lost two members on their first task in the film.


In a twist of events, Jewelee and Punch shockingly turn on the team, killing Punch and trying to offer the drive to the most elevated bidder. They didn’t pull off this selling out in light of the fact that Amanda enacted the explosives in their heads following.

5) Good Guys: The Squad Save Rick Flag Twice



Hardcore DC fans were surprised to see the Task force X crew in the Suicide Squad live-action movie as they were not the bad guys they expected to see. In the movie, Enchantress threatened to take over the world with the aid of her alien soldiers, Rick Flag was placed in charge of the squad. , The team somehow managed to save his life twice during the mission.

At first, they had to keep him alive for their own selfish reasons. The second time, they didn’t think twice before forming a barrier between him and the opposition.


6) Bad Guys: Boomerang Tricked Slipknot Into Escaping


DC comics and movie fans may not agree on a lot of things, but one thing they come together on is that Captain Boomerang makes a very annoying villain. Loyalty is not his cup of tea.


In Suicide Squad Vol. 4 #2 as well as in the live-action film, Captain Boomerang tricked Slipknot into abandoning the team and encourages him to escape. Unfortunately for Slipknot, Amanda Waller activated the explosive in his head as he tried to escape.

7) Good Guys: The Squad Shared Their Life Force With Killer Frost To Take Down Eclipso

killer frost header


The Justice League dedicate their lives to saving the world and maintaining justice. In Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad, however, this script is flipped on its head. In the series, the Suicide Squad, along with Batman and Maxwell Lord, teamed up to face off with the Justice League who had all been corrupted by Eclipso.

Killer Frost had to create a prism strong enough to reflect Superman’s heat vision. To subdue Eclipso’s powers, the squad members offered to share their life forces with her, a symbol of the team’s surprising selflessness.


8) Bad Guys: Deadshot Kills Light


Deadshot is a complicated man. Along with being a brutal killer for hire who never misses a shot, he is also a man who wants to do right by his daughter. After Amanda Waller kills Lime, Light’s twin sister, she vows to avenge her sister’s death. But Deadshot killed her because he wanted the satisfaction of eliminating her, which makes him a true villain at heart.


9) Good Guys: The Team Take Down The Crime Syndicate


In the New 52 timeline, the Crime Syndicate from Earth-3 takes control over the world after the vanishing of the Justice League. In that situation, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang form a group and recover the OMAC, the weapon needed to vanquish the organization for the last time. Captain Boomerang dropped the OMAC into a new space dimension, things return to normal and they save the day.


10) Bad Guys: Stealing The US Government’s Nuclear Warheads

HQuinn Suicide Squad

After Amanda Waller stepped down from her position at A.R.G.U.S, Ted Kord appointed Lok as the leader of Task Force X. With this new leadership, the squad carried out unconventional assignments, such as stealing the US Government’s nuclear head. This was seen at the beginning of Suicide Squad Vol 6. Aimlessly completing this obligation focuses on how the profound quality that drives the intentions of a group of anti-heroes can be emotional.



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