“Just stop the support and cut the losses”: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Announcement Ends What Little Hype Season 2 Had

The gaming community is ready to move on from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League while Rocksteady Studios isn't.

Suicide Squad


  • The gaming community is done with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and has no interest in coming back for more.
  • Rocksteady Studios had to move the release date for Season 2 which only made the situation worse for the game.
  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League may not make it to Season 3 add this rate and the developers should cut and run.
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The Suicide Squad has seen better days from different formats but the iconic anti-hero group did not have the same luck in the game industry. Rocksteady Studios went on to develop an ambitious live-service game set within the Batman Arkham universe but bit more than it could chew.


The developers envisioned adding more content beyond the launch date and for the gaming community to spend hours playing their favorite DC supervillains. However, the initial reception of the base game was less than favorable and the players have completely given up on the game.

The Gaming Community Bids Farewell to the Suicide Squad Game

Suicide Squad in-game screenshot
The gaming community is not looking forward to the second season of this game. Image Credit: Rocksteady Studios

Rocksteady Studios has fumbled spectacularly with this project and a far cry from what the developers achieved years prior with the Batman Arkham trilogy. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League suffered from poor leadership and the lack of proper oversight by none other than the co-founder of the studio.


Regardless, the game operated on a small gray area where only a handful of projects made it unscathed. The live-service structure is difficult to perfect, and it is evident that the developers are spread too thin and have no choice but to make necessary adjustments regarding the second season.

The player count is declining at an unprecedented rate and it would take a miracle to encourage these players to come back and see what else is in store. Years of hard work would be washed down the drain if the gaming community refused to give this game a second chance.

It is understandable for the fans to look the other way and bid farewell after an embarrassing experience. The DC fandom deserved better.


Players could not wrap their heads around certain creative choices and story beats filled with plot holes like Superman dying from being riddled with Kryptonite bullets but not Wonder Woman’s direct hit with a Kryptonite shard to his chest.

The Developers should Cut Their Losses With Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League characters
The target audience and DC fans have given up on the game and so should the developers. Image Credit: Rocksteady Studios

The failure of this project was a massive blow to Warner Bros. and further proves that the company has no idea how to utilize its strongest asset. Perhaps future projects will avoid a live-service structure and stick to the working formula.

The studio intended to add more playable characters beyond Season 6 but these plans may be as good as dead. There is only a small window for this game to be salvaged and the odds are not in the favor of the developers.


The team had better luck in other formats but not in gaming. Perhaps other studios will try to do better in the future. The franchise has taken too many losses and DC and Warner Bros should take a step back for now.

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