Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s Trophies Leak Well Ahead of Schedule, With Some Surprises in Store It Seems

The list is elaborate and will surely take some time to complete.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's Trophies Leak Well Ahead of Schedule, With Some Surprises in Store It Seems


  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is coming out on February 2 and is Rocksteady's next after the studio's last tile, Batman Arkham Knight, which came out in 2015.
  • The game is a live service title, and the studio has promised a lot of new content that will come to the title after the launch.
  • The title was subject to a lot of leaks in the past, including concept art leaks, plot leaks, and more.
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a title that has suffered from plot leaks and design leaks ahead of launch. Many internal assets, such as some of the game’s dialogue and background score, were also leaked online.


The plot leaks were disproved by an individual named Miller Ross, who is known to be a data miner and has shared a lot of information about the game on Twitter. Despite that, some leaks are yet to be disproven, and it seems like the game has been the subject of another leak; this time, something related to the game’s progression has made its way ahead of the official announcement

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Trophies Leaked on Reddit

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is releasing on February 2, 2024.
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is releasing on February 2, 2024.

Another leak comes on the subreddit GamingLeaksAndRumors, the source of many leaks regarding video games. This one is related to Rocksteady’s upcoming title, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.


As mentioned, there have been leaks regarding the game early on; some were disproved, and others were not. The game releases on February 2, and there have been plenty of announcements made from Rocksteady regarding the game’s offerings, including a full-fledged roadmap for the content the game will receive after its launch.

For gamers who want to play the game and are looking forward to doing so with an open mind, looking at the achievements will most likely spoil some game elements. This is the achievement/trophy list leaked for the title on Reddit by a user going by ilikefish8D:

  1. The Beginning of the End – The Ultimate Squad Platinum
  2. Cleaning Out the Closet – Steal something useful from the Hall of Justice Bronze
  3. Hitting the Fan – Survive the Batman Experience Bronze
  4. Fowl Play – Recruit your first Support Squad Member Bronze
  5. Walled In – Escape plan gone wrong Bronze
  6. Death Blooms – Recruit your second Support Squad Member Bronze
  7. Blitzkrieg Bop – Destroy the Behemoth Bronze
  8. Thunderstruck! – Kill The Fastest Man Alive Silver
  9. Hell and Back – Rescue Lex Luthor Bronze
  10. Blackest Night – Kill The Green Lantern Silver
  11. Endgame – Kill The World’s Greatest Detective Silver
  12. Abandon All Hope – Kill The Man of Steel Silver
  13. Act of War – Complete your first Incursion Mission Silver
  14. No One Defeats Brainiac! – Kill The Collector of Worlds Gold
  15. Battle Lines – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 5 Bronze
  16. Killin’ Time – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 10 Silver
  17. Into the Angry Planet – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 15 Silver
  18. The Final Frontier – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 20 Silver
  19. Winged Vengeance – Complete the final Penguin Support Squad Mission Bronze
  20. War Machine – Complete the final Gizmo Support Squad Mission Bronze
  21. Welcome to the Jungle! – Complete the final Poison Ivy Support Squad Mission Bronze
  22. Managing People – Complete the final Rick Flag Support Squad Mission Bronze
  23. Your World is Mine! – Complete the final Lex Luthor Support Squad Mission Bronze
  24. Shock Treatment – Complete the final Hack Support Squad Mission Bronze
  25. Combine and Conquer – Complete the final Toyman Support Squad Mission Bronze
  26. Turn and Turn Again – Achieve 13 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges Bronze
  27. Their Dark Designs – Achieve 26 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges Bronze
  28. Blaze of Glory – Achieve 39 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges Bronze
  29. The Right Question – Solve 5 of Riddler’s Riddles Bronze
  30. The Real Deal – Solve 21 of Riddler’s Riddles Bronze
  31. Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One – Collect 10 Riddler Trophies Bronze
  32. The Oldest One in the Book! – Collect 40 Riddler Trophies Bronze
  33. Level Up – Reach Level 10 with any Squad Member Bronze
  34. Harleen the Queen – Reach Max Level with Harley Quinn Silver
  35. King For A Day – Reach Max Level with King Shark Silver
  36. Captain Boomerang! Agent of Oz – Reach Max Level with Captain Boomerang Silver
  37. Lawton’s Last Stand – Reach Max Level with Deadshot Silver
  38. The Chosen One – Fully complete the Combat Flair checklist 5 times (Single Player Sessions Only) Silver
  39. Trial by Blood – Reach Squad Level 50 Silver
  40. Choices – Get Penguin to overhaul a piece of gear Bronze
  41. The Venom Connection – Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 1 Infamy Set Bronze
  42. All sorts of Fun – Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 2 Infamy Set Bronze
  43. The Reaper – Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 3 Infamy Set Silver
  44. Trial by Fire – What the hell just happened? Bronze
  45. Choice of Evils – Unlock a Villain Synergy Bronze
  46. Grand Experiment – Get Toyman to Elite a piece of gear Bronze
  47. Forces in Motion – Get Poison Ivy to Supercharge the Affliction on a piece of gear Bronze
  48. Allies – Complete 50 Support Squad Contracts Bronze
  49. Number the Dead – Defeat 10 Raising Hell Hit Squads Bronze
  50. Need to Know – Complete 100 Support Squad Contracts Bronze
  51. History Repeats – Begin the Batman Experience Bronze

As one can notice, these achievements are more than 50 in number, which is more than average for a title that isn’t a completionist’s paradise like an RPG. Also, the number of achievements and trophies is subject to change as the game is a live service, and more content will be coming.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League features four playable characters.
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League features four playable characters.

One can find the post-launch roadmap revealed by Rocksteady here. It has various offerings and is bound to convince one that while the quality of the upcoming content is unknown, the studio confirms the volume. Also, much of the post-launch content will be offered at no extra cost, and the studio has maintained that the microtransactions will only be for cosmetics and skins.

The game has been criticized, especially by Arkhamverse fans, as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League does things differently while set in the same timeline as the Arkhamverse. Not to mention that there are still some explanations the game has to offer.

This includes elements like the Arkham series Batman being alive, and well, after the ending of Arkham Knight, there were some loose ends, especially after the Knightfall protocol. Batman is alive, and that is confirmed by the various trailers and footage of the game that has been released. The explanation is still nowhere to be found.


Nevertheless, when launched, the game will probably shed light on all of these. What do you think of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Do you plan on buying it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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