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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League – 10 Other DC Villains You Could Play As

Rocksteady’s new game: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, was recently announced during the DC FanDome event. While Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, and Killer Shark could be seen in the trailer, there are a lot more DC Super villains who could be making an appearance in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.


suicide squad arkham verse villain azrael st dumas

Why adding Azrael to the game is very simple – we want a loose cannon within the group. Azrael’s time with the Order of St Dumas has left him with a fragile psyche. All this time, he has been thinking that the heinous acts he committed were for the greater good. In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, he could be easily manipulated again to be a part of Task Force X. His unstable mental boundaries can add that element of unpredictability the game would sorely need mid-way through the story.

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Lady Shiva

suicide squad arkham verse villain lady shiva

Lady Shiva is DC’s most formidable martial artists. The only fighters who could even dream of measuring up to her martial arts skills are legendary close quarter combatants like Batman and Deathstroke. Having remained undefeated for most of her time in the DC Universe, Shiva finally made her Arkham Verse appearance in Batman: Arkham Origins. She has not appeared in the game series ever since. She is currently in hiding as her relationship with the League of Assassins has went sour. Shiva’s martial arts would make for good game play dynamics. She also has a history with the League and could serve as the muse for a spin-off project if Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League takes off.

Killer Croc

suicide squad arkham verse villain Killer Croc arkham knight

In an open world game play like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a monster like Killer Croc could have an unlimited potential for chaos and devastation. The only thing that is needed to be done is getting him out of the sewers. Apart from acting like a tank, Killer Croc also fulfils the role of creating a plot bridge between the original Arkham Verse and the new game, being the link that leads to the original Arkham series’ invincible legacy. It would be cool if the developers only allowed the player to use Killer Croc for selective missions because using him too much would suck the fun right out.


suicide squad arkham verse villain firefly garfield lynns

Firefly has already appeared in Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Knight. Garfield Lynns is a pyromaniac with a cultist like obsession for lighting things up. He is a fanatic of the flame. In one of his routine arson missions in Gotham City, his blaze became so uncontrollable that it gave him third degree burns and he was then forced to wear a full body suit of armour that was flame resistant as well as helped him cover his hideous scars and burn marks. Firefly could become the incendiary unit of the team. Specializing in spread out attacks, his flame throwers and fire bombs would make for good explosive effects.


suicide squad arkham verse villain copperhead female

In the Arkham Verse, Copperhead is a female. In the comic books and animated movies, the villain is a male. Copperhead’s indomitable martial arts prowess helped her overwhelm even Batman in the Arkham Verse. Even the Dark Knight considers her a serious threat. Since she is incredibly agile and flexible, Copperhead would be fun to play as. She could be used to blend into the surroundings, hide and attack stealthily, as well as for assassination missions. Copperhead will be fun and unique to control in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Solomon Grundy

suicide squad arkham verse villain solomon grundy

Alright we will be frank here – we do not want too many brutes to ram us out of the fun zone. If Killer Croc is not being taken into consideration, a good replacement could be Solomon Grundy. The immortal zombie power house and the Avatar of the Grey is a villain whose strength rivals Superman’s. The Suicide Squad needs a tank. Killer Croc is our preferred choice. But Grundy is a close second followed by Bane in the third position. We did not include Bane in the list because there already are too many hulking figures in the list.

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Mr Freeze

suicide squad arkham verse villain mister freeze

First Appearing in Batman: Arkham Origins and then making subsequent appearances in Batman: Arkham City and Arkham Night, Mr Frieeze aka Victor Fries has made his presence felt multiple times as a Batman villain within the Arkham Verse. Considering the rich history he hwas within the game’s in-built universe, it would be a shame if Rocksteady does not feature him as one of the characters within the game’s overall story line. To top it all off, Mr Freeze’s character design within the Arkham Verse is one of the best in the entire DC Universe and associated franchises. Having him on board would only enrich the already incredible game play experience.

Deadshot I

suicide squad arkham verse villain deadshot original

Any iteration of the Suicide Squad without Deadshot is considered by almost everyone to be an abomination. The two vital members of the team, other than Harley Quinn are Deadshot and Captain Boomerang, with the latter two always quarreling among them-selves over who is the better marksman.A second version of the character is an integral part of the team but we would like it if the original Floyd Lawton enters the fray. The rivalry between the two Deadshots could make for some good story-telling.


suicide squad arkham verse villain Prometheus

It is an absolute travesty that Prometheus does not have any major appearances outside the comic books. In more ways than one, he is the anti-thesis of the Batman. He is the answer to the question – What of Bruce Wayne was a selfish prick who used his skills to become World’s Greatest Thug? Prometheus is a brutal and ruthless killer who has his own definition of extreme justice. Now that the original version of the Batman has been abandoned by the Game Studios, he could be shown as an alternate version of the Batman. In Kill the Justice league, he could impersonate a sinister Dark Knight.

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suicide squad arkham verse villain clayface

Having only recently become famous after appearing in several Batman animated shows, Clayface has become vital to the Batman’s Rogues Gallery. His shape-shifting abilities have come in handy many times in the DC Universe. They have helped deceive even the mighty Justice League. In the Arkham Verse, Clayface has impersonated the Joker, masquerading as the Clown Prince of Crime. So we can also expect him to trick the protagonists again which in this case are the Suicide Squad. If Clayface is pretending to be one of the members of the Justice League, it could give us a unique way of playing as a Justice League superhero while being Clayface.

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