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Suicide Squad Villain: James Gunn Wanted Superman Before Starro

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad opened in theaters recently. The movie has received critical acclaim yet to receive viewer’s reviews and comments. The movie will see the crazy and bizarre characters of Suicide Squad fighting Starro. So, you can expect to see a lot of violence along with James Gunn’s signature humor.






These crazy anti-heroes will certainly make your movie-watching experience amazing. But in a recent interview with ‘Script Apart’, James Gunn made a revelation for the fans. He admitted that his first choice of villains to fight the squad was Superman. But his love for Starro changed his mind and hence you will see Starro as the nemesis.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League superman heat vision purple energy






He said in the interview that initially, he wanted to feature Superman as the villain in the movie, however, it was just a passing thought. The director shared that Starro has been his favorite villain since he started reading comic books as a child. He just didn’t want to miss a chance to feature this supervillain in the movie.

Apart from loving Starro as a supervillain since his childhood, James Gunn had other reasons too for avoiding using Superman. One of the biggest reasons was that DC’s cinematic universe has yet to be established. So, using Superman as the villain in the movie would not have fit the whole narrative.

Although fans weren’t able to see Superman as a supervillain in the movie, the upcoming Suicide Squad game would help fill that void. Rocksteady developed Suicide Squad: Kill of the Justice League where fans can see Superman as the villain. The game will be released in 2022.

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad is in theatres and will stay on top of everything superhero-related in the DC universe.

What do you think about choosing Starro as the villain in Gunn’s Suicide Squad? Leave your thoughts in the comment below!

Written by Aditi Thosar