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‘Suicide Squad will always be the best DCEU movie’: After Black Adam’s Breakout Box Office Rampage, Fans Defend 2021 James Gunn Movie as The Rock Fans Rip it To Shreds

Black Adam's Breakout Box Office Rampage

Black Adam‘s release led to many discussions among fans. While many fans are convinced that DC films can be better and this is just the beginning of it, others are saying that it’s not the first best DC film. Fans are impressed with The Rock as Black Adam and are saying that he is the perfect actor to play the character. Dwayne Johnson is not the only actor who received praise for his performance. Pierce Brosnan has also impressed viewers as Doctor Fate and fans are now asking for a solo movie or show for the character.

Black Adam.
Black Adam played by Dwayne Johnson

Not just that, the release of the film has also led to a discussion among Suicide Squad and The Rock’s fans. Suicide Squad fans are not happy with everyone calling it the best DC film so far, as they claimed that the 2021 James Gunn’s Suicide Squad is way much better than Black Adam.

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Black Adam Becomes Dwayne Johnson’s Best Opening as a Leading Man

Black Adam is not just an important movie for the DCEU, it is also expected to be profitable for Warner Bros Discovery. The opening is a promising start toward the expected opening of $60M-$62M for the film. The film has become Dwayne Johnson’s best opening as a solo star film at $26.8M as of Saturday.

Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam (2022).
Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam (2022).

Critics may have not liked the film, but fans are loving Black Adam. Reports have claimed that the film is doing well financially and there are possibilities that it is a great start to move ahead with a franchise.

The studio has yet not confirmed a sequel but fans are sure that Henry Cavill’s cameo in the post-credit scene could mean that fans will get to see Superman vs Black Adam in the sequel.

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Fans Say James Gunn’s Suicide Squad is Still One of the Best DC Films

Fans’ reaction to Black Adam has led to a discussion among DC fans. Suicide Squad fans are now claiming that Black Adam is not as good as the 2021 Suicide Squad. Fans are saying that after the release of Dwayne Johnson’s film people have started disrespecting Suicide Squad and they just want to remind everyone that James Gunn’s 2021 Suicide Squad is one of the best DCEU movies to date.

James Gunn directed the 2021 Suicide Squad. The movie initially received a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the best-reviewed comic book movie ever. As ratings of a film tend to fluctuate after its release, the same happened with the 2021 Suicide Squad.

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The Cast of The Suicide Squad

The film currently has a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is still among the highest-rated DCEU films. James Gunn’s Suicide Squad is one of the biggest successes of DCEU. And this is the reason the studio is approaching the director for DC’s future projects.

However, Black Adam only has a 41% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie was released recently so its ratings and box office collection will keep on fluctuating for a while.

Black Adam is currently playing in theatres.

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