Super Bowl 58 Half Time Show: Usher Will Need Help From an Old Friend to Break Rihanna’s Most Watched Super Bowl Record

Can Usher and Justin Bieber dethrone Rihanna’s Super Bowl record?

Super Bowl 58 Half Time Show: Usher Will Need Help From an Old Friend to Break Rihanna's Most Watched Super Bowl Record


  • Fans speculate, Usher recruited Justin Bieber to perform with him during his 2023 Super Bowl halftime show.
  • Usher aims to top Rihanna's recent record of 121 million viewers, the highest in halftime show history.
  • With Bieber and other surprise cameos planned amidst Usher's catalog of classics, he's pulling out all stops for a potentially historic performance.
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Usher is pulling out all the stops for what could be a historic Super Bowl halftime performance, including recruiting Justin Bieber for a surprise appearance. Photos appearing to show Bieber arriving in Las Vegas ahead of the big show seem to confirm rumors that Usher contacted his protégé to join him on stage.


The Yeah! singer has huge shoes to fill after Rihanna’s recent Super Bowl spectacle drew a record 118 million viewers. With only 15 minutes to perform, Usher aims to maximize impact with surprise cameos, starting with reuniting with Bieber. Their 2010 hit Somebody to Love is rumored to be in the setlist.

How did Justin Bieber become involved in Usher’s halftime show?

Justin Bieber and Usher
Justin Bieber and Usher- Somebody to Love

According to Yahoo Entertainment, Usher began teasing surprise guests would join him a few days prior, saying:


“I think I made it easy for myself when I decided to have features on songs that became hit records.”

When photos emerged showing someone looking identical to Justin Bieber arriving with the Kardashians in Las Vegas, fans put two and two together. Their close friendship and musical history make a cameo appearance completely logical. 

Justin Bieber - Somebody to love
Justin Bieber – Somebody to Love

Fans are very excited and emotionally invested in Justin Bieber’s upcoming Super Bowl performance. They will likely be overjoyed if he performs certain hits like Somebody To Love or collaborates with Usher, but may also be disappointed if their high expectations aren’t met. Here are a few fan reactions: 



Bringing out Bieber could be Usher’s trump card to hold viewer attention amid a packed lineup of classics like Yeah, OMG, and recent tracks off new album Coming Home. He may need to shatter records to steal the thunder from viral star Rihanna.

What will it take for Usher to top Rihanna’s viewership?

Usher - Somebody to Love
Usher – Somebody to Love

According to Rolling Out, Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII halftime show broke viewership records and catalyzed the singer’s long-awaited comeback. Originally reported at 118.7 million, adjusted counts revealed Rihanna drew 121 million viewers – securing the Guinness World Record for the most-watched halftime show ever.


She dethroned Katy Perry’s previous 2015 record, further cemented by a 201% streaming boost and 390% digital song sales spike post-show. The iconic set celebrating Rihanna’s pregnancy and upcoming new music marked a new high for halftime show impact. Now inked to a $39 million Live Nation deal, BadGalRiRi looks poised to maintain her status as a trailblazing pop culture force.

Rihanna made history as the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show ever. Now in Usher’s hands rests an opportunity for the ultimate redemption story. Cast out of the spotlight in recent years, his Super Bowl performance aims to reestablish his status as an R&B icon. Even recruiting Bieber may not garner enough buzz alone to take over headlines and defeat Rihanna’s numbers. He’ll need to dig even deeper into his bag of tricks for any chance at striking viewer gold.

Whether Usher tops Rihanna or not, one thing’s for certain with potential Bieber and Alicia Keys cameos alongside his collection of classics, his halftime show should deliver as a can’t-miss musical spectacle.


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