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‘No wonder Henry Cavill doesn’t want to return’: After Bagging Multiple Roles in Super-Pets, Fans Ask Why’s The Rock Getting More DC Roles Than Cavill Despite Having the Same Manager

henry cavill black adam DCEU

Following the release of the DC League of Super-Pets, there has been quite a buzz around the internet regarding the post-credits scene of the movie. The movie centers around the pets of the popular DC characters and features an ensemble cast both for the superheroes as well as their pets. Despite getting positive reviews from the critics as well as the audience, the post-credits scene has enraged some fans as even after having the same manager, Dwayne Johnson bagged several roles in the movie while the future of Henry Cavill’s Superman is still in dark.

Fans question Dwayne Johnson on so many DC roles
DC League of Super-Pets

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Spoiler Alert!

Dwayne Johnson’s role in DC League of Super-Pets:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson played the role of Superman’s dog Krypto in the brand new DC animated movie. The movie featured the various pets of the members of the Justice League trying to save their masters who were captured by Lex Luthor. Starting from Dwayne Johnson as Krypto to Kevin Hart as Bat-Hound, Batman’s Dog, Keanu Reeves as Batman, and John Krasinski as Superman, the cast is massive. But the real surprise unveils itself in the post-credits scene.

Dwayne Johnson as Krypto and John Krasinski as Clark Kent/Superman in DC League of Super-Pets
Dwayne Johnson as Krypto and John Krasinski as Superman in DC League of Super-Pets

In the post-credits scene, we spot the dog Anubis, who is the pet of Black Adam and even Black Adam appears in front of Superman. In this particular scene, Anubis is also voiced by Dwayne Johnson, and even the character of Black Adam is made after Dwayne Johnson.

Recently a few days ago, The Rock took to his Instagram to spoil the movie himself by posting the last scene from the movie and quoting:

“THANK YOU for making SUPER PETS the #1 MOVIE… but did you stay til the VERY END credits… You guys already know how I feel about SUPERMAN vs BLACK ADAM… the Indestructible Force meets the Immovable Object.”

After he posted this, several fans questioned if this was the only face-off he was teasing for so long but most of the fans had something else in mind. They ask why is The Rock getting so many major roles while Henry Cavill’s future in DC is still in the dark even after both the actors have the same manager.

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The fans ask about Henry Cavill’s future in DC:

DC; Superman
Henry Cavill as DCEU’s Superman

Even after anchoring so many roles in Super-Pets, Dwayne Johnson is yet to make his Big Screen debut with the live-action movie Black Adam. There is a lot of hype around the movie and many people even hope for the appearance of Henry Cavill’s Superman somewhere in the movie, especially with so many hypes and rumors fueling the theory. But with the lack of any official report, there is still a huge percent of uncertainty around the matter.

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In the post of Dwayne Johnson regarding the Super-Pets, the actor quoted regarding his Black Adam movie:

“At Seven Bucks Productions, we have major plans to build out the BLACK ADAM DC UNIVERSE and now the DC SUPER PETS UNIVERSE with our partners Warner Bros. and DC Comics – and SUPER PETS & BLACK ADAM is just the beginning.”

His comment stating the BLACK ADAM DC UNIVERSE is in progress raised a wide criticism among the masses as they started to speculate that The Rock will not let Henry Cavill play Superman. Some even believe that Henry Cavill needs to change his manager as soon as possible or his superhero future may be at great risk.

DC's Black Adam
DC’s Black Adam starring The Rock

Thanks to the lack of any proper report, there’s still a ray of hope among the fans regarding Superman’s future in DCEU but with so many issues going on in the DC camp, they are in immediate need of something to surprise the masses and impress the fans that can provide a stable direction to the franchise.

DC League of Super-Pets is running in the theaters while Black Adam will hit the theaters on October 21, 2022.

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