Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Reveals Next Fighter


Nintendo held an event this morning to unveil the newest character joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. 

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In a 40 minute long YouTube reveal, Nintendo unveiled their next fighter for the Smash Bros. series, and that is Byleth, from the video game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This is the fifth fighter in the Fighter Pass DLC. 

Byleth Joins Smash House

In Fire Emblem, the player is allowed to choose the gender of Byleth and this idea will crossover to Smash Bros. as well. Byleth comes equipped with several different weapon choices as well, mainly long-distance weapons. 

Byleth comes to the game with another playable stage/arena, the Garreg Mach Monastery, that stage comes from Three Houses. Four different areas of the monastery will be playable as the matches will cycle the locations for the player. There will also be 11 songs from the game series added to Smash Bros. as well. 


Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the 17th game in the Fire Emblem series and is a turn-based tactical role-playing game (RPG) for the Nintendo Switch. The first game was released in 1990 and is titled Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. 

Nintendo also announced that Byleth will be released on January 28 and on the same day, the next Fighter Pass DLC package will be available for pre-order. The next DLC package will contain 6 brand new fighters that have not been revealed yet. But based on the release schedule for this past Fighter Pass, the characters will probably be announced and released slowly over the next year or so. 


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Nintendo and Sony have been trying these YouTube presentations because they seem to be working better than showing up at gaming conventions with presentations that cost a lot more money than editing a simple YouTube video together made up of gameplay of different games, or as in this case, a single game. Be prepared for another one of these videos to reveal the next Smash Bros. character in the coming months. 


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