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10 Most Powerful Psychic Super-Villains Batman Has Fought And Defeated

Super Villains faced by Batman

It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

One of the most savage and Badass superheroes of the entire DC universe is Batman.

He also has an alter-ego, which is a billionaire, playboy Bruce Wayne, who went on from be just an ordinary billionaire to Gotham’s greatest detective superhero Batman.

While his parents were killed in front of him, he became the protector of his city, Gotham.

Batman is a man who believes in science, facts, and figures and with that, he has defeated many villains.

Magic for his is a science that has not understood. Yet, DC keeps on throwing all kinds of baddies at him, that have supernatural powers like Poison Ivy, or Ra’s Al Ghul, Batman stops them all.

So today, Fandom Wire has decided to put down a list of super-villains that Batman has fought and defeated.

1 William Cobb:

William Cobb 1

2 Count Dracula:

Count Dracula

3 Doctor Hurt:

Doctor Hurt 1

4 Ra’s Al Ghul:

Ra%E2%80%99s Al Ghul

5 The Gentleman Ghost:

Gentleman Ghost 2

6 Nocturna:


7 Neron:

Neron 2

8 Copperhead:

Copperhead 1

9 The Mad Monk:

The Mad Monk 1

10 Felix Faust:

Super villains defeated by Batman


Source: Bibhu Prasad

Written by FandomWire Staff

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