Supergirl’s Flamebird Armor Has A Nightwing Connection!

Supergirl is usually associated with Clark Kent. However, her rare Flamebird armor gives her an unlikely connection to Bat-family member Nightwing. You must be aware of Dick Grayson, right? Then you must be knowing that Nightwing stopped being Batman’s sidekick and established himself as his own hero. But not many people know that Dick’s choice of the name refers to a Kryptonian legend. Moreover, his namesake has a lesser-known, but an equally important partner. Check it out:

Supergirl's Flamebird armor has a Nightwing Connection
Supergirl’s Flamebird armor has a Nightwing Connection


Supergirl’s Flamebird Armor Has A Nightwing Connection!

DC Comic: Supergirl Vol. 5 #6
DC Comic: Supergirl Vol. 5 #6

It was in Supergirl Vol. 5 #6 by Greg Rucka and Ed Benes that we saw Kara Zor-El taking on the new Flamebird costume and identity. She did this while living in Kandor during the gap year “One Year Later“. It was after the events of the “Infinite Crisis“. During this time, Ultraman had taken over the city and was dominating with his dictatorial rule. He was posing as Kal-El. However, only Flamebird and Nightwing disapproved of this rule.

Kara fights back her multiversenal doppelganger Kara Zor-El, a.k.a Power Girl. Both of them hoped to inspire the Kandorians and fight back against the imposter. It was then when they both donned the identity of Flamebird and Nightwing.

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But What Dick Grayson Has Got To Do With The Kryptonian Mythology?

Here's how Supergirl's Flamebird armor is related to Nightwing
Here’s how Supergirl’s Flamebird armor is related to Nightwing

The names Flamebird and Nightwing actually originated in Superman #158. In this, we see Superman traveling with his friend Jimmy Olsen to Kandor to protect the city. It is this time when they both drew inspiration from Batman and Robin and took on the identities of Flamebird and Nightwing. Years later, the name was taken on by Dick Grayson. Since both Flamebird and Nightwing are intrinsically linked, the two are inseparable. There can never be a Nightwing without Flamebird.

Almost every Nightwing has had a Flamebird. When Clark Kent took on the mantle, his closes companions, Jimmy Olsen and Loise Lane have always served as the Flamebird. Dick Grayson was joined by his Flamebird in the form of Bette Kane. However, their partnership wasn’t as close as the other pairs. In our opinion, the best pair was of Chris Kent and Thara Ak-Var in the “New Krypton” arc.

Nightwing and Flamebird have been a part of DC history for a long time. But maybe Dick Grayson is more effective alone as compared to being accompanied by an associate. Maybe Kara’s time was just a needed break from the usual routine. But whatever it is, Supergirl and Nightwing will always share an unlikely bond, even if she never becomes Flamebird again!