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Superhero Movie Actors Who Were Supposed To Have “Small Roles” But Stole The Show

With every comic book movie, we get a plethora of superhero movie actors. Some of the superhero movie actors are good. But some of them are so legendarily iconic despite having very small roles in the movie.

El Diablo – Jay Hernandez

El Diablo

Chato Santana was once a hardened Los Angeles mob enforcer. His metahuman ability to produce and control flames came in very handy for the LA mob when they wanted to send a message. After he accidentally kills his family, Santana is imprisoned and later joins the Suicide Squad. The reason fans loved El Diablo was because he seemed to be the only ‘criminal’ in the team who actually had a moral compass. He knew he had done wrong things and there was nothing he could do that could help redeem him. In the end. El Diablo sacrificed his own life while fighting the Enchantress to save the team. Jay Hernandez did a very wonderful job in a rather bland superhero film.

Perry White – Laurence Fishburne

Perry White

He had very few appearances in Man of Steel. But did that stop Laurence Fishburne from making his presence felt? This legendary actor owned the role of Perry White, the shot-caller at the Daily Planet. White was always shown as a sassy boss with good quips and one-liners. And when you make a legendary actor like Fishburne portray the role, you will get all the sass in the world. Even the dialogues Perry White delivers in the film are funny and interesting. We would have loved to see more of him in DCEU projects of the future.

J Jonah Jameson – J.K. Simmons

J Jonah Jameson

For three entire movies, J.K. Simmons played the iconic editor in chief of the Daily Bugle. Jameson was already a famous character in the Spider-Man comic books. But J.K. Simmons took things to a whole new level. The actor manages to capture the essence of Jameson – arrogant,  over-confident, and a non-nonsense go-getter. He wants what he wants and if you say no, he will laugh at your face and fire you, only to repeat the process all over again. There’s a reason there are so many J.K. Simmons’ J Jonah Jameson memes out there. the guy is just THAT good.

Quicksilver – Evan Peters


Peters was so good that he played the same character in two different film franchises that belonged to two different studios that were once rivals. We all remember that slow motion scene in Days Of Future Past. That scene will go down in history as one of the greatest superhero movies scene of all time. Peters played a very vulnerable but super confident mutant hero who, on account of his super speed, has all the time in the world. In WandaVision, Peters’ Quicksilver was given even more layers and the character got fleshed out. Things like that are always a welcome addition to the lore of superhoor movie actors.

Karun – Harish Patel


He may not be an Eternal but he sure does have a super power – unlimited cameras. The guy has a camera for every occasion. And he is loyal to Kingo to a fault. Watching superhero movie actors like Harish Patel doing his thing is easily one of the best parts of being an MCU fan. Whether you liked the movie or not, you have to admit Karun made us fall in love with him every time he made an appearance. If an Eternals 2 ever happens, we would really like Harish Patel to return as Karun in the sequel.

Lucifer – Peter Stormare


Stormare is definitely one of the most underrated actors of Hollywood. The guy keeps stealing the show every time. In the 2005 Constantine film, Stormare played the role of Lucifer. The white suit, the acid dripping from his feet, and the pale skin coupled with his creepy and calm demeanour as an agent of death was just too much for the fans to handle. Not gonna lie, we still kind of miss Stormare. Superhero movie actors may come and go but Stormare’s Lucifer is forever.