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“Superhero movies are over”: Iron Man Star Jon Favreau Was Ready For the Worst Case Scenario After Shooting First Marvel Movie With Robert Downey

jon favreau iron man

Jon Favreau’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was not just his first movie within the franchise, but rather the first movie of the franchise, Iron Man. He directed the movie that kickstarted the entire MCU and that too with a blast. He was part of the film both behind the screen and in front of, playing one of the longest-running characters of the franchise, Happy Hogan.

Jon Favreau and RDJ on the Iron Man set
Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. on the Iron Man set

The movie that changed the entire outlook and direction of superhero movies was almost not taken as seriously as it is now. When taking a risk with an actor not as well known and a movie that would be very new as a genre for mainstream media back in 2008, Favreau took a huge risk and yet went head first for it.

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Jon Favreau Almost Believed Iron Man Would Not Work Out

During the shoot of Iron Man, Jon Favreau was very clear on many factors that were present while filming the movie. These included the fact that a superhero movie of such kind was yet to be released and most importantly, Robert Downey Jr. was far from a prominent actor at that time.

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Jon Favreau

“And we were just trying to have a good time. We were having fun trying to make ourselves laugh and try to make a cool movie.”

To him, initially, the movie was just an attempt to make something new and interesting. He definitely did not expect the movie to start an entire franchise of movies practically ruling the box office. What he and Downey started gave way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it is now, manifesting the vision of Kevin Feige and Marvel fans through the eyes of different directors and writers. Favreau’s last expectation had been to see what the MCU is now but he is more than happy to be a part of it.

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Jon Favreau Thinks Of Himself As A Grandpa For The Marvel Cinematic Universe

When visiting sets of the latest MCU movies, Jon Favreau pointed out how everyone present always seems to be sweet to him and treat him well. He often feels like Stan Lee in terms of the cameos and how he has been there from the beginning of the franchise.

jon favreau
Jon Favreau

He deems himself to be the grandpa of the MCU with how he’s watched it grow, and experience it from the beginning to its present time. Phase 4 has recently come to an end with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Jon Favreau is still a part of the franchise, making his latest appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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