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Superhero Movies That Butchered Your Favorite Heroes With Horrible CGI

Superhero movies generally employ the best and brightest CGI technicians. But not all superhero movies have what it takes. Sometimes they butcher our heroes with terribly done CGI.

Daredevil Looked More Like A Game Than A Superhero Movie

daredevil 2003

The 2003 Daredevil movie gets a lot of hatred. And rightfully so. There is so much to hate one and despise in this movie. The totally twisted villain and the way they massacred a perfectly good plotline with twisted story arcs is one of the movie’s greatest regrets. But one of the primary reasons fans hate Daredevil is because of its terrible use of CGI. The fight scenes in particular are what the fans especially hated. Making these fight scenes CGI powered was the worst possible choice when you are making superhero movies in the early 2000’s. They looked sketchy and so artificial. 2003 CGI technology had not developed enough to facilitate such a massive CGI transition.

Green Lantern’s CGI Costume Made The Entire Theater Gasp (& Not Positively)

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Green Lantern

Not to be outdone by Marvel, DC Films tried to expand their own hall of shame with 2012’s Green Lantern. The Ryan Reynolds starrer is considered one of the worst superhero movies ever made. In fact, it just may be the worst of all DC superhero movies. And the reasons are many. One of them is definitely DC implementing CGI into Green Lantern. No one liked the way they turned Hal Jordan’s entire Green Lantern suit into a human green LED lamb. The decision to turn Green Lantern’s suit into full CGI was the final nail in the coffin for the film. The costume looked very bizarre and the movie, which was already twisted as it is, suffered even more.

Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards’ Elastic Ability

Fantastic Four

There were two attempts by Fox Studios to make a viable Fantastic Four franchise. Both of these attempts nailed Reed Richards’ stretching ability (in the worst way possible). The rest of the members of the team had good enough CGI and practical effects to help them out. Mister Fantastic always had the worst luck no matter which live action movie he was in. At least 2015’s Fant4stic tried to mask the CGI elasticity issue of Reed Richards with a bulkier suit. The first two movies did an even worse job at that. reed Richards looked like a Looney Tunes cartoon when using his powers.

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Catwoman’s CGI Made It look Like A Music Video Rather than A Superhero Film


Okay we take it back. Green Lantern may not be the worst of all DC superhero movies. That honor definitely goes to 2004’s Catwoman, starring Halle Berry in her career’s worst performance of all time. CGI was not the only issue but it was one of the primary ones. Apart from using computer generated imagery to create artificial cats – a movie that was not at all necessary, there was a CGI double that showcased Catwoman’s wall-climbing skills. Fans have frequently pointed out some pretty horribly done green-screen edits in the movie that makes it look like it was made to be a part of music videos rather than superhero movies.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Butchered Logan Forever

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The CGI claw scenes in X-Men Origins: Wolverine are alone enough to make this movie go from bad to worse. The movie was lightyears apart when it came to nailing adamantium and its properties using CGI. The color of Logan’s claws were different than they were in the previous X-Men superhero movies. To top it off, there were some scenes the claws could actually be seen floating above Wolverine’s hands, revealing the use of poor CGI. The entire movie was rife with many problems. Compared to Wolverine’s appearances in other superhero movies, X-Men Origins: Wolverine clearly missed the mark.


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