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Superhero Shows To Watch If You Hate Superheroes

Superhero Shows To Watch If You Hate Superheroes

Superhero shows and movies have been ruling the industry. There are a number of shows and movies released every year on superheroes and they make it big. They’re both critically acclaimed and box office hits. But there are some who do not take any interest in superheroes. And for that minority, it is hard to find the right content to watch. With channels flooding with superhero content, it is hard to find something else to watch. For those people, there are certain superhero shows that people who hate superheroes can watch. 

The Boys is an anti-superhero TV show

The Boys is a superhero show people who hate superheroes should watch
The Boys

Yes, anti-superhero TV show and for those who hate superhero shows, this is the one for you. The creator of the comics, Garth Ennis wanted to create exactly what he created. Superheroes around the world sometimes use their fame and love of the people to do whatever they please. The boys are a group of vigilantes who holds the heroes accountable for their deeds. The Boys have to agenda to unmask and show the people the real faces of their admired superheroes. They show how superheroes somehow indirectly use their good deeds and our love to sometimes get away with mistakes. And to top it all, it has a lot of dark humor.

Misfits is the most realistic superhero show

Misfits is a superhero show people who hate superheroes must wact

The show is about a group of teenage delinquents. They were working community service when a storm hit and through a lightning strike, they gained superpowers. The show is as grounded you would want the show to be. It shows well how a group of irresponsible teenage kids would act if they unexpectedly received superpowers. Also, it shows them making some grave mistakes like killing their probation officer. And now their mission is to cover their mistake and hide their superpowers. The best part about the show is that every character is equally engaging. It is worth a watch if you hate superhero shows. 

Watchmen is a show every superhero hater would love

Watchmen is a must watch for those who hate superheroes

Among the best shows on the list is Watchmen on HBO. The show is not based on any comic or a spin-off or sequel of any superhero franchise. The show is an original and a standalone series. The main reason why a superhero show disliker would love is that the characters in the show do not have any superpowers. There is an involvement of the supernatural, but society is a lot less accepting. It is too real and a true reflection of us right now. It is not hopeful as the superhero shows usually are. It is hard to take the show and not for those looking for an escape from reality. 

The Punisher is the best anti-hero show 

The Punisher is the best show for people who hate superheroes
The Punisher

One of MCU shows that actually is made for people who hate superhero shows. The Punisher of Frank Castle was first introduced in Daredevil. While Daredevil is a self-righteous hero like most superheroes are, Punisher is everything an anti-hero should be. He is a brutal hero who is driven by revenge. He kills criminals and has a more retable story. It has amazing action sequences like shootouts that would make you feel the thrill. The show also has an interesting story to it. Something every superhero hater must check out.

Legion is nothing like the classic superhero shows

Legion is perfect for people who hate superheroes

Taking place in the X-Men universe, this is the best superhero show for superhero haters. The lead does have superhero powers but it’s not like the usual shows. In the show, the lead, David Haller suffers from schizophrenia. But also has telepathic abilities with a parasite in him, trying to control his mind. The show creates a dilemma where it is hard to guess what’s real and hallucination. Not just for the character but also the actors. David is the one narrating but he’s an unreliable narrator. The show is not for someone who wants to watch something light. It is hard and confuses you terribly. The visuals are grabbing with a captivating story.  

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Written by Gargi Mishra

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