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Superheroes Wear Masks’ in The New Posters Of The CW Shows

You have failed this city….

We all have come through halfway of 2020, or to be precise one of the worst year so far.
This year has been very hard on us if we talk about the problems that were faced world-wide, and eventually, we are still facing it.

A virus that has led the whole world in grave danger, making us all trapped inside our homes and not letting us out for months. The virus has some-what now been a bit controlled.

Making the national lockdown in several countries a bit relaxed, and thus their government has taken some precautions to protect their people from this deadly Covid-19 virus.

Several malls, restaurants, & public places have been reopened, with some guidelines to be taken against the coronavirus.

This means several TV shows have been given permission to restart their production, and the CW is one such platform that podcasts several DC superhero shows that are to be podcasted again.

The Arrowverse’s most beautiful superheroes are suiting up like never before.

The CW has released a series of posters of various shows for their 2021 shootdown.

Series like The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Stargirl, and a new show that will start in 2021 itself is Superman & Lois.

The main protagonists of the shows are featured on the posters wearing masks.

The agenda behind doing this can clearly be seen as the posters aim to stress the importance of wearing masks while going out in public to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Some of the shows like The Flash and Supergirl were forced to wrap their latest seasons very early when the pandemic caused an industry-wide shutdown in March.

The show Superman & Lois were ordered to straight away start their production without being able to film the pilot.
On the other hand, shows like DC Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Stargirl weren’t affected.
If we talk about Batwoman, it’s clearly visible that the show is missing from the list. As Ruby Rose has left the show.

This has likely happened because Javicia Leslie, who will soon be portraying Batwoman for the second season, didn’t have her full photo-shoot of the costume.
Sounds fishy! Browse with us the gallery of posters that have been compiled by FandomWire.

1. The Flash:

2. Supergirl:

3. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow:

4. Black Lightning:

5. Stargirl:

6. Superman & Louis:

*Bonus Pic*

Heck Yay! These People have also added Beebo in action, letting him wear a mask in the poster.

7. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow:


Source: Andy Swift 

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