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Superheroes You Would Be Shocked To Know Possess A Healing Factor

When we first read or saw Wolverine’s healing powers, we are sure it was pleasingly shocking. Knowing your favorite superheroes are formidable, and almost nothing can kill them is a relief, to be honest. But, however pleasing it may be, Wolverine’s healing factor was once a controversial topic and resulted in changing the storylines in the X-Men comics. But later, it not only became a popular concept, but Marvel also created an entire group of heroes and villains who had healing powers. So, while we are just getting started, the following list of superheroes with healing factors will surprise you. 

1. Maverick: Maverick is the result of the Weapon X program, just like Wolverine and, thus, was genetically enhanced. He not only could heal himself through anything, but he could also shoot a liquid, an enzyme to reverse the healing effects of a body, via his fingers. So, one shot of the enzyme in the wound or even a superhero will worsen the healing and eventually kill them.


2. Blade: Blade has unique abilities as a vampire. Even though he possesses the strengths and powers of vampires, he is not a true blood-sucker like them. When he got those powers, he also got a healing factor. He is immune to all kinds of poisons and illnesses. 


3. Spider-Man: Spider-Man’s powers came from the radioactive spider that bit the young Peter Parker. Along with the super-strength, wall-crawling, and the Spidey-Sense, he also has a healing factor. However, the healing powers don’t help him heal as fast as Wolverine, but they surely heal faster than usual. It became evident when his eyesight improved after the bite and how he survived extreme blood loss from an injury.


4. Captain America: Captain America was born out of the Operation: Rebirth program. The Super Soldier Serum that was injected in his body, which also gave him immense strength, also gave him healing powers. Since it enhances the body’s metabolism, his immunity works in the best possible way, keeping him safe from everything that can possibly kill him. That’s why he was alive after being on the ice for decades.

Captain America possess a healing factor
Captain America

5. Iron Fist: Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist’s superpowers came from the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying. When he punched the dragon’s heart, it gave him all the superpowers he is famous for (and not), including healing powers. His mastery of chi helps him kick out all the negativity from his body by using Chi to put his body in a state of cosmic balance. One time, using the same powers, he healed himself from cancer.

Iron Fist possess a healing factor
Iron Fist

6. Flash: The speed not only gave the Flash an advantage over his enemies but also helped him heal. Several times we saw Flash coming back after being injured severely, and that is because of the speed. Since he runs so fast, his metabolism is also super high. So what would take months to heal naturally would take only a few minutes for the Flash. 

Flash possess a healing factor

7. Superman: Superman is mainly known for his formidable strength and durability. However, in the comic books after the “Man of Steel” reboot, we saw him heal himself through the toughest situations, which should have killed him. For example, after his battle with Doomsday in The Death Of Superman, he was dead until Eradicator used a Kryptonian matrix and helped him live.

Superman possess a healing factor

8. Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman’s powers have many versions in the comic books, in particular, her healing factor. For example, she possessed the healing power after drinking the water from Paradise Island’s Fountain of Eternal Youth. Sometimes she has those powers because she is a demi-god and sometimes because the Greek Gods gave her their divine blessing. 

Wonder Woman possess a healing factor
Wonder Woman

9. Morbius: Morbius is one of the most powerful vampires in the Marvel universe. To find a cure for his rare blood disease, he experimented with the genetic material of bats, giving him the superpowers. He can heal rapidly from severe injuries in moments.

Morbius possess a healing factor

10. Mystique: A fine mutant with shapeshifting abilities, she can look like anything she wants. In the comic books, she is a lot older than she is shown in the movies. Her shapeshifting abilities enable her to heal herself within minutes.

Mystique possess a healing factor

Which one did surprise you the most? And which one do you think has the most powerful healing factor? Tell us in the comments.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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