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Superior Iron Man – Powers and Abilities

One of the most talked-about variants of Iron Man, recently, is Superior Iron Man. It was rumored that this variant of Iron Man will be a part of Doctor Strange 2. The sequel of Doctor Strange is about the MCU fully embracing the concept of the multiverse. It is about the different realities. And the movie will see a number of variants. They will be mostly of Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff.

The movie also includes cameos of Marvel superheroes from other realities. Many of them are also making their MCU debut through the movie. One of the rumored cameos was the Hollywood star, Tom Cruise, playing Superior Iron Man.

Who is Superior Iron Man?

Superior Iron Man is the evil variant of Tony Stark
Superior Iron Man is the evil variant of Tony Stark

In the Marvel comics, Superior Iron Man is the villainous variant of the fan-favorite MCU hero. He originated in the Axis event. This was when Earth’s heroes and villains are reversed. But even after the spell was broken, he managed to escape it. Thus, he went on to live with his evil personality. Now, this version of Tony Stark has all the ill habits one can have.

Superior Iron Man created Extremis to control people
He created Extremis to control people

He is the worst version of Iron Man and uses his intelligence to suit his evil plan. Also, even made an app to control people – Extremis 3.0. Also, eventually becomes a tyrant. Extremis is a virus that makes people drug addicts. Also, he took control of the media and advertised the app positively. He was killed during the incursion crisis.

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Abilities and powers of Superior Iron Man

Superior Iron Man's suit is made of a special metal
His suit is made of a special metal

Superior Iron Man is just another version of Tony Stark. So just like the real Tony – his powers are based on his suit. But his suit is made of a special metal – Endo Sym. So it gives him other benefits apart from the ones the real Tony Stark has. It is a smart liquid metal that hardens when connects to the user’s body. Also, this suit is based on symbiote biology. It does not depend on technology for the initial bonding with the user. It is psionic, which allows the user to control it remotely. Also, one can call it from a distance without depending on a technical device.

The armor can also give him the ability to absorb electromagnetic energy. The super powerful suit and his evil intelligence that is not held down by morals make him one of the worst villains out there.

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