Superior Spider-Man: When Doc Ock Took Over Peter’s Body & Wreaked Absolute Havoc.

Superior Spider-Man
Superior Spider-Man vs Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man To Superior Spider-Man! Amazing Spider-man ended because Doc Ock took over Peter’s body. It was one of the more shocking and appalling shake-ups in the history of Spider-Man comics. It is a weird place for both Peter and Doc Ock to be in! Peter is not Peter but a mixture of Peter and Doc Ock. Doc Ock cannot be the villain he is because he has Peter in him. The whole concept is befuddling. But there is enough of Doc Ock in the Amazing spider-Man to wreak more havoc and carnage than Amazing Spider-Man ever did.

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superior spider man
A Different Version Of Spidey!

1. Doc Ock as Peter was self-serving, careless, and a complete douchebag! What Otto did was ride a very thin line between what Peter stood for and what he did as Superior Spider-Man. But he also did some good deeds along the way. Peter was able to get his Doctorate. He also managed to save a girl’s life as is also Doc Ock.

Superior Spider-Man
Peter Parker And Doc Ock- A Strange Concoction!

2. After Doc Ock takes over Peter’s body, his laugh and demeanor change. His laugh became a classic maniacal and villainous laugh that chills the bones!

Superior Spider-Man
Peter Parker-A Changed Man!

3.  Superheroes do not kill – but Amazing Spider-Man did! Doc Ock, as Superior Spider-Man, killed Massacre despite winning the fight. Otto contemplates what to do and finally shoots Massacre. He also beats down henchmen and other villains with more brutal force than required.

doc Ock
Superheroes don’t kill! Or Do They?

4.  Superior Spider-Man hired henchmen who he called Spiderlings. They wore themed uniforms, had an arsenal of weapons at their disposal, and were responsible for bringing down the King-pin controlled Shadowland.

The Spiderling Army.

5.  Otto bonded with the symbiote and became even more aggressive (and that’s saying something!) But Otto managed to overpower the symbiote and become a massive powerhouse as he mastered the symbiote’s superior abilities.

Superior Spiderman
A Lethal And Brutal Combination

6.  Doc Ock reprogrammed one of Amazing Spiderman’s greatest nemesis – The Living Brain to be his lab assistant. He conquers the Sinister Six singlehandedly and reprograms the bot to do his bidding.

Superior Spider-Man
Living Brain – A Handy Man!

7.  Otto took all his supervillain skills and adapted to his new role as Superior Spider-Man. The Ock-bots became Spider-bots and helped him patrol the city.

Ock-bots to Spider-Bots

8.  Superior Spider-Man had mechanical arms fitted into his costume. And those arms became mechanical extensions that could lift a car!

 Superior Spider-Man
Superior Spider-Man and his superior costume

9.  Mayor Jonah Jameson orders Superior Spider-Man to take out Smythe. However, he can. Otto records this conversation and uses it to blackmail Jameson.J. Jonah Jameson

10. Doc Ock took over the Raft and made it into his secret headquarters called Spider Island-2. It was built like a supervillain hideout and was financed by the blackmailed Mayor of New York.

Superior Spider-Man
Created His Own Safe Haven

11. Otto had executed a body swap with Peter. He knew that because he was able to do it, someone else could try it again. So Otto installed a metal plate in his suit to prevent it. When Smythe tried a body swap, he controlled it and killed Smythe while telling him how he stopped the body swap.

Superior Spider-
Killing Smythe At Last!

12. It isn’t enough for Superior Spider-Man to win. To prove his supremacy, he needs to decimate his enemies or reduce them to be slaves and mockery of their prior selves.

Destroying His Enemies

13. “The Die is Cast” became his catchphrase before he kicked ass. Once you cross the line, Superior Spider-Man will make you pay. It works wonderfully for his philosophy of seeing things in black and white. No grey areas at all.

 Doctor Octopus
The Die Is Cast

14. The Superior Spider-Man suit is genuinely badass. It takes the iconic and familiar design and twists it into something badass and new. Red and black with fantastic polarizing lenses suit Superior Spider-Man perfectly.

superior spiderman
Superior Spider-Man



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