Superman: Legacy – James Gunn Won’t Repeat Same Mistake That Turned DC Fans Against Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel

James Gunn does not want to repeat the same mistake that Zack Snyder made with Man of Steel and releasing a first look of this character.

Superman: Legacy - James Gunn Won't Repeat Same Mistake That Turned DC Fans Against Zack Snyder's Man of Steel


  • James Gunn is trying to avoid mistakes made by Zack Snyder during Man of Steel for his upcoming Superman: Legacy, this includes one of the biggest ones made by the Henry Cavill film.
  • The film released a first look of Superman before its release, and its decision to not have a comic accurate suit infuriated fnas. This could have easily led to them boycotting the film.
  • While this relived itself, it would seem that Gunn does not want to risk and and revealed that he will not be sharing a first look of this character before filming begins.
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Superman: Legacy is easily becoming one of the most anticipated projects from DC Studios after a few unfortunate years for the franchise. Ever since it was announced that David Corenswet would be playing the role of Clake Kent, alongside Rachel Brosnahan, in the role of Lois Lane, fans have been extremely excited about this project and all that it will bring. However, there are a lot of calculated decisions that the franchise will have to take to ensure they do not make the same mistakes made by the films released in the past couple of years.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

It would seem, however, that James Gunn is also trying to avoid mistakes made by Zack Snyder during Man of Steel. The director of the Henry Cavill classic made a big mistake before the film was even released that could have easily doomed it. Not wanting to do the same, Gunn is being overly cautious.

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Zack Snyder Made A Big Mistake With His Superman

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel did a lot of things right and was criticized for doing a lot of things wrong. While one of the biggest flaws of this film was the darker take on a character as full of light as Superman, there was one move made by the director that could have ruined any chance of success for this film. It is quite common for highly anticipated projects to release teasers or first looks on their projects, in order to create more hype around it.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman.

Naturally, the Henry Cavill film took a similar approach, releasing a first look at his version of Superman. What they did not anticipate, however, was how much backlash this brought about. Fans got extremely upset at the film, diverting from the comic suit and coming up with something of its own. This outrage could have easily led to fans boycotting this movie for not staying true to its source material.

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James Gunn Does Not Plan To Follow In Zack Snyder’s Footsteps

Learning from the mistakes made by Zack Snyder, James Gunn is being very cautious about what the public knows about Superman: Legacy. In a conversation on Threads, the filmmaker was asked about the likeliness of a first look at Superman’s suit being released before filming started for the movie. To this, Gunn stated that there was absolutely no possibility of this happening.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

“Zero-point-zero.” said James Gunn.

This relatively bold decision may be for the very best considering many aspects in recent times. Whenever a new version of something iconic comes around, fans are always extremely critical. On top of this, the recent failures from the DCEU have caused audiences to look for reasons to not like what they have planned. Considering these, it is a smart decision on Gunn’s part to not take any chances.


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