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Superman & Lois Season 2 Finale Confirmed To Have Fan-Favorite Arrow Character

Superman & Lois, starring Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, has been one of the most popular Arrowverse shows since its launch. The show follows Lois and Clark as they struggle with their various occupations while also coping with parenthood, reprising their roles from Supergirl. The Arrowverse drama Superman & Lois has explored a new take on Bizarro World as a new exploration of the Multiverse during season 2.

Superman & Lois Season 2
Superman & Lois Season 2

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The second season of Superman & Lois is coming to an end in just a few weeks, with the DC Comics-inspired television series ready to finish up its sophomore run. In the Superman & Lois season 2 finale, David Ramsey will make his latest Arrowverse appearance, setting up John Diggle’s narrative in season 3.

Superman & Lois Season 2 finale will bring back John Diggle

Arrow's David Ramsey
Arrow’s David Ramsey

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According to TV Guide Magazine (via @DevsMastani), David Ramsey will reprise his role as John Diggle, a.k.a. Spartan, on Superman & Lois. Todd Helbing, the showrunner of Superman & Lois, reveals that Diggle’s guest appearance in the season 2 finale will indeed have anything to do with the show’s season 3. Helbing ensures that Diggle’s reappearance will be linked to Superman & Lois’ next formidable enemy, without saying who it is.

“Finally, expect a last-minute visit from Arrow vet David Ramsey’s John Diggle, although the fan fave’s presence has more to do with Superman & Lois’ future than its past. “That [scene] is to tee up our big bad for Season 3,” Helbing says.”

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Superman & Lois
Superman & Lois

It’s likely that Diggle’s participation may mark the start of the show’s re-establishment of its Arrowverse links, paving the way for Ramsey to play a bigger role next season. Given Diggle’s popularity inside the Arrowverse, it wouldn’t be surprising if Ramsey joins Superman & Lois season 3 as a series regular, giving him a new regular role within the franchise.

Superman & Lois season 2 resumes on Tuesday, June 21 at 8 PM on The CW.

Source – TV Guide Magazine

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