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Superman Star Marlon Brando Reportedly Had S&M Relationship With James Dean, Burned Cigarettes on Rebel Without a Cause Actor’s Body While He Begged to Be in His Bedroom

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James Dean is a legend, he is world famous, renowned and revered for his talent and persona.Thanks in large part to East of Eden (1955) and Rebel Without a Cause two films that established him as one of the most recognisable characters in American cinema history. James Dean will always be remembered as a sombre, romantic figure and the archetypal 1950s youth (1956). Dean may be best known for his three major film roles, but there was a serious-minded, disciplined, and trained actor behind that small body of work. He was intelligent and exuded a charisma that attracted both men and women. The star died in a car accident, taken in the arms of death, away from his fans. Marlon Brando and James Dean allegedly indulged in S&M Relationship

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James Dean and Marlon Brando’s illicit affair.

Rumors of sexual encounters between the pals have long persisted, but writers Danforth Prince and Darwin Porter’s book James Dean: Tomorrow Never Comes makes some startling revelations.

According to Stanley Haggart, friend of James’, Marlon played mind games with the Rebel Without Cause actor. James Dean was seven years his junior and worshipped the veteran actor, Marlon Brandon. This allegedly included the actor Brando compelling Dean to watch him have s*x with other people and forcing him to wait outside Brando’s apartment for some S&M play. The veteran would often indulge in other acts of S&M as James Dean was blindly in love with Brando so he followed through.

Haggart claims in the book,

“I got the impression that Jimmy was engaged in a cat-and-mouse affair with Brando, with Brando being the cat, of course. Brando seemed to be toying with Jimmy for his amusement. I think Brando was sadistically using Jimmy, who followed him around like a lovesick puppy with his tongue wagging.”

It should be noted that the writers of the book, Danforth Prince and Darwin Porter, have authored several books about the s*x lives of old Hollywood stars who are no longer alive to refute these accusations, so they should be treated with a grain of salt. Regardless, homosexual rumors have long swirled around Dean and Brando.

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James Dean was not the only one exploited by Hollywood

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One of the most sensational affairs

S*x, Drugs, & Pilot Season: Confessions Of A Casting Director, written by Joel Thurm, recounts behind-the-scenes accounts of sexually adventurous Hollywood, homosexual hookups, and p*rn parties. Thurm recounts a party he attended in the 1970s when the majority of the visitors were gay. The gathering was planned to watch Boys in the Sand, the first full-length, big-budget gay-p*rn film of its sort. During his visit, he recognized actor Rock Hudson. Thurm claims Hudson indicated for him to join him in a bedroom. Thurm, on the other hand, couldn’t act because he was star-struck.

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James Dean would allegedly sleep with anyone to get ahead in life

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James Dean

The Internet Movie Database claims that James Dean’s first acting gig was as John in the 1951 Family Theatre episode Hill Number One. As the actor continued to hone his craft, three more roles would come his way that year.

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A string of similar roles sustained his career through the beginning of the 1950s. But according to the Express, Dean also developed into a stereotypical Hollywood playboy who, in the words of his biographer Darwin Porter, “would sleep with anyone to get ahead.” Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor were among the well-known stars the actor slept with, and it didn’t hurt to be seen with them.

Source: James Dean: Tomorrow Never Comes 

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