Superman Strips Down To Muscles in DC Cover


In recent issues of Superman and Action Comics, the Man of Steel took it upon himself to rescue Warworld’s residents and put a stop to Mongul’s threat once and for all, driven by news of the atrocities being done there. Superman will be pushed to his limit in this fight, and the cover of January’s Action Comics #1039.

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The Hand Painted Variant Was Published On Twitter! 


The image was published on Twitter by Action Comics writer Philip Kennedy Johnson. Before releasing a fully painted cover by Riccardo Federici, who will be taking over art duties on the book, he thanked fans for their support. The Man of Steel is shown on the cover with his arms bound and stripped down to his underwear. His eyes gleam as he stares angrily into the horizon. Superman is flanked by two Warworld soldiers, with Mongul smirking in the background. Fans have flocked to the cover, with hundreds of retweets and over a thousand likes. Other comic book experts, such as Phil Jimenez and Steve Orlando, also contributed to the cover.

There will be no fight like Superman’s upcoming clash on Warworld

Action Comics #1039

Even more than his epic battles with Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and Doomsday, Superman’s impending confrontation on Warworld will be unlike any other he has ever had. Superman is taking the fate of the entire world, as well as countless lives, into his own hands. The combat will be vicious and savage, as Federici’s cover depicts. The cover, which features a shirtless, almost barbaric-looking Superman, is reminiscent of Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter and Frank Frazetta’s greatest work.


In recent months, Superman has taken a more proactive stance, deciding to destroy Mongul and put an end to the menace of War World for good. With this new attitude comes a new, ferocious appearance, as seen on the cover of Action Comics #1039.


Written by Prachee Mishra