Superman VS Batman: Who Is The Main Character Of The DCEU?

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Batman and Superman both play a significant role in the DC universe. Superman was the first one introduced in Man of Steel (which was the first film in the DCEU), but Batman becomes just as important very quickly. Both characters faced each other in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before they ultimately teamed up. There are arguments over who’s the main character between these two, but, honestly, in the end, they are both the main characters of the DCEU. Here we have listed 5 reasons why Batman is the main character and 5 reasons why Superman is the main character of the DCEU.


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10) Superman: The Franchise Kicks Off With Superman’s Story


DCEU’s very first film was titled Man of Steel, which narrated Superman or Clark Kent’s arc. Being DCEU’s opening film, Superman was the main character. Batman was not a part of Man of Steel, and the story’s solely about Superman. As such, it truly makes it seem that the DCEU has made Superman the main character of the franchise.

9) Batman: The Narrative Continues Even After Superman Dies

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, when Superman dies at the hands of Doomsday, it seemed that his arc had ended. If the franchise was mainly about Superman, naturally, the narrative likely would have immediately focused on Superman’s revival. At that point, Batman became the main character. The story continued in detail after Superman’s death. He has his own arc before Superman even comes back.


8) Superman: The DCEU Becomes All About Reviving Superman

Even when Superman was dead, the DCEU was solely about Superman, which clearly indicates he is the main character. When he was dead, all other characters focused on bringing him back. Batman may be present, but the story is still all about Superman. Batman is the primary character but his goal is to resurrect Superman.

7) Batman: Batman Is The One Responsible For Bringing Superman Back To Life


Fans were hyped when a potential resurrection of Superman was teased at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but fans were still waiting to see how, exactly, he would return. After his death, DCEU eventually set Superman’s resurrection as the main priority, and it was mostly on one character to bring him back, and that’s Batman. Without Bruce, Superman wouldn’t have even been able to return. Batman is mainly responsible for that revival more than anyone else.

6) Superman: Superman Is The Leader Of The Justice League & Their Most Valued Member

We all know there is no Justice League without Superman. Bruce Wayne told the rest of the barely-formed League that there was no them without Superman, which is true. Superman played a significant role in their formation as well as in their success. Without the entire League, all would have been lost —and there would have been no League at all without Clark.


5) Batman: He Formed The Justice League & They Wouldn’t Exist Without Him

Yes, Superman is the only one who can unite the Justice League, but Batman is the one who brought all the metahumans together in the first place. VIewers often underestimate Batman as he is the only human amongst those who are more than human. He worked hard to get to that position, and he’s the one who brought the League together. Bruce is responsible for Superman’s resurrection and brought him back to pull the League together.

4) Superman: The First Arc In The Franchise Was About Clark Being Superman


The franchise’s first film was Man of Steel, which was about Kal-El who was sent off of Krypton before its destruction as an infant. The very first arc in the franchise is mainly about Clark being found by the Kents in Smallville, Kansas, who grows up to become Superman. He is the face of DCEU.

3) Batman: Bruce Wayne’s Knightmare Dreams Are Setting Up Future Arcs For The Franchise

Bruce’s has had Knightmare dream sequences that show off a horrifying future to come, which subtly indicates that Batman’s story will be the one that ends the narrative of DCEU. Superman’s first arc kicked off the franchise, but it appears that Batman’s final arc will likely be the one to end the franchise.


2) Superman: The Franchise Is Aiming To Make Superman Its Main Villain

The Knightmare dream sequences that Batman had show multiple evil futures where Superman becomes the main villain. There have been events that allow Superman to become vulnerable to manipulation. When Superman becomes the bad guy, he becomes the greatest threat to Earth. An arc planned so well is only for the main character, which is Superman.

1) Batman: When Superman Becomes The Villain, Batman Will Become The Main Hero


Someone will have to step up against evil Superman in the DCEU in the Knightmare future, and that someone is obviously Batman. His extended sequence in Zack Snyder’s Justice League proves the fact that Batman’s future is dedicated to stopping the evil Superman. It’s clear that Superman kicked off the franchise as a hero, but Batman will end the franchise as the hero.


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