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Superman Will Not Be The Next Game By Rocksteady Games

For some time now, rumours have suggested that the next game by Rocksteady will be based on Superman. More recent reports even suggested that the game would be revealed next month at The Game Awards 2018. However, neither of these are true.

While talking to Twitter, co-founder and director at Rocksteady who made a name for itself via The Batman: Arkham series finally ended all rumours, revealing that not only will the next game not be at the Game Awards 2018, but it isn’t a Superman game either.

From what it seems like, we won’t be getting to hear much about Rocksteady’s next project until 2019. However, this doesn’t mean that Rocksteady isn’t working on a Superman game; it’s just that the next game won’t be centred around the hero solely. This also doesn’t mean that a Superman game is under development, but it’s rather a pure speculation.

Despite not having any confirmation, Rocksteady’s Superman game is among the most anticipated games and as you would expect, some are bummed that it’s not happening. However, some are thankful that Rocksteady finally put an end to the rumours around the game.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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