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Supernatural – 15 Craziest Creatures From The Show, Ranked!!

supernatural creatures featured

Dean and Sam Winchester have battled countless paranormal entities in Supernatural. Throughout their careers as supernatural hunters, they have come across some truly wonderful creatures. These creatures are so destructive, unique, and dangerous they defy human comprehension. Let’s have a look.


supernatural creatures changeling

The method to kill a Changeling is by taking out the Changeling mother. They are considerably stronger than human beings.


supernatural creatures rugaru

Rugarus also possess a tragic backstory. They do not wish to hurt anybody. Their instincts take over them.


supernatural creatures sirens

Originally a part of Greek Mythology, Sirens found their way to America.

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Soul Eaters

supernatural creatures soul eater

For years, hunters believed that Soul Eaters cannot be killed. A Celtic Sigil is strong enough to kill a Soul Eater.


supernatural creatures wendigo

Coincidentally the Wendigo is also one of the first monsters Sam and Dean fought in the show.


supernatural creatures scarecrow

The only way to kill it was by burning its source – the sacred tree of power.


supernatural creatures rakshasa

Fun fact – a Rakshasa only comes out in 20 to 30 years. And it cannot enter a home without an invitation.


supernatural creatures daeva

Daevas are instruments of violence that Demons use. They have dangerously sharp claws that can cleave steel and concrete.

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supernatural creatures shtriga

We have seen Shtrigas in Netflix’s The Witcher as well. They primarily feed on children.


supernatural creatures arachne

Arachnes are basically Spider-Men but without the red, black, and blue.


supernatural creatures djinn

They are not the Disney’s Aladdin version. They are crazily violent and feed on people’s life force.

Jefferson Starships

supernatural creatures jefferson starships

Also they are exceptionally hard to kill, hence the name.

Khan Worm

supernatural creatures khan worm

When Dean was possessed by one, he killed his cousin Gwen Campbell.


supernatural creatures leviathans

The Leviathans also ended up becoming a primary antagonist level force in a previous season of Supernatural. They are as strong as vampires and almost immune to the concept of death.

The Entity

supernatural creatures the entity

This dude right here predates God. It occupies and rules over the realm of The Empty. The Entity is supposedly even more powerful than God. That assumption is up for debate though.


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