“Superpowers were never my thing”: Glen Powell’s Remarks About Marvel isn’t Surprising After What He Said During Top Gun 2

Glen Powell's Marvel comments aren't shocking, he's been throwing shade since the Top Gun 2 days!

Glen Powell and the MCU


  • Glen Powell appears to uphold a selective approach despite his frequent appearances in films.
  • Powell is currently inclined to move up the ladder in a bit of old-school way.
  • He perceives the authenticity of human stories as more captivating and influential than superhero stories, echoing his faith in the authentic human experiences portrayed on screen.
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Fans have certainly been treated to a generous dose of Glen Powell on screen in recent years. However, unlike his co-star Sydney Sweeney, Powell seems to maintain a discerning approach despite his frequent film appearances. Notably, he deliberately avoids superhero films, as hinted at in a recent interview.

Glen Powell plays Gary Johnson in Hit Man | Netflix
Glen Powell plays Gary Johnson in Hit Man | Netflix

However, it does seem like a choice he seems to have firmly held for quite some time. During a Top Gun interview, last year he explained why superpowers aren’t his thing. At this moment the actor is really conscious of what he chooses, which undoubtedly sets him apart from the rest of the industry.

Glen Powell’s Recent Comments About Marvel

A recent The Hollywood Reporter profile sheds light on Glen Powell’s extraordinary career and his climb to the top of the Hollywood ladder. That is where the actor was seen clearly stating that he would not be taking part in the “Marvel fare”. It’s intriguing that Powell would consciously opt to sidestep opportunities within one of Hollywood’s biggest studios now that he has a chance despite struggling financially during the pandemic.


If one were to compare Powell with another rising star from the same timeframe, the best example would be Sydney Sweeney, who has been seen in films absolutely left, right, and center. Regardless of the film’s quality, she is seen hustling relentlessly.

Glen Powell as Hangman in Top Gun: Maverick | Paramount Pictures
Glen Powell as Hangman in Top Gun: Maverick | Paramount Pictures

However, Powell’s resolve to carve out his path to stardom in the classic sense of the term is unwavering. This sentiment does echo what many including Quentin Tarantino believe that Marvel doesn’t typically churn out the typical movie stars. However, many argue otherwise, as Robert Downey Jr. could be stated as a living breathing example of the Marvel effect.

Powell is currently inclined to climb the mountain in somewhat of an old-school way. Although people are not sure how much of his dreams would come true, given there are not many movie stars left, thanks to the diversification of the industry in recent years. Only Tom Cruise could be named as the last living movie star. However, his determination to the fact is truly commendable.


Why Glen Powell’s Recent Comments About Marvel Aren’t Surprising

There is one more reason why his recent comment on Marvel stands out. In an interview with The Wrap, last year Glen Powell was seen letting his disdain for superhero movies slip out amidst the conversation about Top Gun, he explained,

It’s so interesting, because I really do think that talking to younger folks, Marvel is their “Top Gun,” right? I didn’t grow up with superheroes. Superpowers were never my thing, I always gravitated towards the ordinary man doing extraordinary things. People that were very, very good, real people who were extraordinary at a skill – and that created an interesting character.

Glen Powell
Glen Powell in Top Gun: Maverick | Paramount Pictures

He further added,

I think Marvel’s done an amazing job with everything they’ve built. I think it’s fantastic. But I do feel like I engage with the ordinary guy a little bit more. Not that anybody in “Top Gun” is ordinary, all these people are flying. These airplanes are extraordinary. I actually find the most interesting part about these folks is that they are athletes in an airplane, but they’re also engineers.

Their ability to solve math problems while blood is being drained from their head is unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it. I just find, you know, humans on their own are so impressive and I think those are just the stories that I’ve gravitated towards.

The actor prioritizes honoring real human tales over superhero narratives. It’s the ordinary stories of everyday individuals that resonate more with him, believing they will connect better with audiences. He finds the authenticity of these stories to be more compelling and impactful, reflecting his belief in the power of genuine human experiences on screen.


Although one thing is certain, Powell won’t dip his toes into the superhero genre anytime soon, fans are excited to see what human stories he brings to them in the near future.


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