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Weird Superstitions That Actors Believe In

Superstitions, from don’t walk under a ladder, don’t step on a crack, watch out for black cats passing, and many others. We all have believed in one superstition (or two). It wouldn’t be uncommon for an actor to have a ritual of some sort they perform to continue good fortune. Let’s take a gander at what some people do to ward off negativity.

Jennifer Aniston
aniston Superstitions airplane

The actor has a terrible fear of flying and who can blame her? A steel death trap soaring over 35,000 feet in the sky. Luckily, she has found a method to tackle her fear of being sky-high. Aniston told Insider about her trick that has kept her relaxed and safe on flights for years.


“If I walk on to an airplane, I always have to go on with my right foot first and tap the outside of the plane, I have always done it for luck”


James McAvoy

People have funny ways to express their paranoia in superstitions, and McAvoy is on top of that list. He calls people a “white rabbit” for good luck… Not kidding. He made this a ritual for quite some time that at the beginning of a new month the first person he sees he’ll greet them. Greet them as in calling the person a rabbit.

Colin Farrell
irish supersti

Collin Farrell is not shy about going public about his superstitions that run deep within his family tree. This goes all the way to his father Eamon Farrell, Collin’s father who bestowed a belt to his son. This very belt is said to carry a lot of luck for the Irish actor. Spending over 4,000 (USD) over the years to keep the belt intact. Not only does Farrell wear a belt for luck, but he also puts on a special pair of shamrock-covered boxers that he wears on every set. That’s dedication for ya’.

Christian Bale
Bale and Superstitions

People have all kinds of superstitions. Some make sense more than others, some don’t make a lick of sense and then there’s Christian Bale. Bale’s superstition is actually performing the act of that superstition one isn’t meant to do, but he does because he’s Batman. Don’t walk under a ladder, Bale did it. Please, do not have a black cat cross your path, yet Bale picks that kitty up. Step on a crack and break yo’ mommas back and Bale is happy to be a personal chiropractor for mother dearest with the number of cracks he steps on.


Written by Barry Buzzkill

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