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Suprise DC Cameo Nobody Expected In Crisis On Infinite Earths

The final two hours of Crisis on Infinite Earths have hit the network with the crossover giving an unexpected surprise cameo!

Crisis on Infinite Earths is the epic crossover of 5 DC/CW TV Shows. The shows include Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow

With Crisis on Infinite Earths being the most ambitious crossover in DCTV history the show brought in a lot of amazing cameos from other DC properties. The standouts in these cameos would be Smallville’s Superman, an evil Batman with Kevin Conroy playing the character, and even Lucifer Morningstar from Earth 666 (obvious pun intended.)

It would seem that the cameos would be over and done with, but the crossover has pulled through with one more cameo from another Flash. The other flash is not Jay Garrick or Eobard Thawne but Barry Allen from the Justice League movie of 2017! 

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It would seem that the crossover was able to give one more surprise cameo from Ezra Miller’s The Flash since he premiered in 2017’s Justice League.  

The short 1 minute and the 30-second scene is really enough to get fans hyped and to speculate as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) talks with another Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) .

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The short cameo raises so many questions and speculations. Will the DCEU created by Man of Steel have a crossover with the DCTV? Will the events of this one scene feed into the Flash movie of 2021? It is now possible. Could Grant Gustin cameo in The Flash movie of 2021? It is really now possible. 

Ezra Miller’s short cameo proves that the DC universe is truly all connected Whether you like the TV shows or the movies they are all one DC universe. Needless to say, this is something to really hype up the fans as the future of the  DC universe is now brighter than ever.

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