“Seems like he can’t outrun it after all”: Recent Polls Reveal 42% of Audience Want The Flash Movie To Be Canceled Amidst Ezra Miller Controversy Despite WB Moving Forward With Theatrical Release

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To say that The Flash, a Warner Bros. endeavor, has been heavily tinged with negativity would be an understatement. The reason behind this, is, of course, the reported legal controversies lead actor Ezra Miller has become a part of. Many were wondering what approach the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav is willing to take when it comes to the notoriety of such altercations. A few weeks ago, three potential outcomes were speculated.

The Flash, Ezra Miller
The Flash, Ezra Miller

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Turns out, the studio has already made its choice with a specified route of action, taking into consideration the recent apology stated by Ezra Miller. However, despite such precautionary measures, The Flash’s release is not favored by the majority of the audience — mounting up to a whopping 42% of people who want the film to be permanently shelved.


The Audience Is Against The Release Of The Film

According to a survey by the Morning Consult, if an incident akin to this particular one took place in association with another film, U.S. adults are more likely to denounce the endeavor and opt for its cancellation. In the report, it was mentioned that 2 in 5 U.S. adults (42%) would want the studio to cancel the film entirely.”

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller’s involvement in a string of problematic incidents

Furthermore, through the polls, it was deduced that around 38% of the persistent and recurrent movie-going audience believe The Flash should never be released if a lead actor is involved in such problematic legal incidents. According to the data, the Gen-Z population was inclined towards a more aware attitude and knew about Miller’s reported arrests and misconduct.

When it comes to other information revealed in the survey, apparently, 72% of U.S. adults wholeheartedly affirm that they would be in support of any studio that would be willing to end all ties with an actor/actress involved in such legal accusations.


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Warner Bros. And Their Awkward Stance On The Flash

David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery
David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery

Previously, it was reported that the studio is allegedly planning for three potential scenarios when it comes to the release of The Flash. One involved the cancellation of the $200 million film altogether, while another likely outcome detailed proceeding with the release, granted only if Ezra Miller seeks professional help and issues a public statement. The actor would be allowed to be a part of restricted press appearances if that is the route they take. And the last one involved proceeding with the release, but cutting all ties with the actor, debarring them from post-release publicity activities, and recasting someone else for the stipulated role.

Following Miller’s recent apology, where the actor detailed the reasoning behind their actions, it can be deduced that Warner Bros. Discovery has not planned a potential cancellation of the film. Despite a collective chorus of denunciation, the film is still scheduled for a 2023 release, with the studio having made no comments otherwise.

WB Studios Reportedly Restoring the SnyderVerse With R-rated DC Black Label Movies
Warner Bros.

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Irrespective of the survey results, it cannot be ascertained whether Warner Bros. Discovery would even think of opting for shelving of the film. Controversies aside, the film did have a ginormous budget put into it. What one can now at least pray and hope for is a potential recasting scenario, however, nothing is confirmed as of yet. There has been absolute silence from CEO David Zaslav when it concerns the actor’s legal controversies and erratic behavior.

With such circumstances to account for, what the future may bring is not well-defined.


The Flash is slated for a June 23, 2023 release.

Source: Morning Consult


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